5 Ways to Deal with His Smartphone Addiction (Sans Breaking Up)

5 Ways to Deal with His Smartphone Addiction (Sans Breaking Up)

Has his cell become the other woman in your relationship? Here’s how to combat his smartphone addiction.

Here’s a stat that’s (not the least bit) shocking: According to a recent study published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 70 percent of married/cohabiting women said that smartphones were interfering in their relationships.

Researchers found the majority of women had their conversations, meals or alone time interrupted by their sig-o screwing around on a device – which made them more likely to be less satisfied with their relationships and lives overall (obvi). I mean, when he ditches an important conversation you’re having because an “important” text came in, you can’t help but tear your hair out.

If you want to find harmony between your real life and digital one but his smartphone addiction is still going strong, here are 5 ways to work through it:

1. Get his attention

Instead of doing what you really want to do, which is shove his smartphone… well, you know, text him while he’s zoned out to bring him back into the present moment. A flirty text or a picture of you looking like a hot tamale to let him know what he’s missing keeps things playful, but also lets him know he’s being a total ass without actually saying it.

2. Set emergency ringtones

Depending on his job, it might be necessary for him to carry his phone with him in an emergency. Waiting on confirmation that a deal’s closed is understandable – playing Angry Birds while you wait for your appetizers is not. Talk to him about setting an emergency ring tone for his boss, or setting up alerts on specific emails so he’s only alerted to what’s important – you know, so you can enjoy your bread basket in peace.

3. Don’t follow each other on social media

His smartphone addiction is inevitably going to make you feel like he’s distant and distracted (because he is), and will encourage you to jump to the worst-case scenario. One of the most tempting – and least fulfilling – ways to fill the void is to check his social media accounts to see what he’s been up to. Insecurity breeds insecurity, and it’s not worth going down that rabbit hole. Trust.

Also, he might find it easier to check in on you through your accounts, instead of actually using his smartphone for you know, being smart and phoning you. Keep the mystery in your relationship alive by nixing cyber-drama before it starts.

4. Make your bedroom a phone-free zone

No smartphones in your bedroom. Ever. Introduce him to the wide world of alarm clocks.

5. Draw the line

We all have bad habits we’re trying to break, and we all know that successfully doing so isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It’s important to be patient and supportive as he kicks his smartphone addiction – without losing yourself in the process.

If it seems like he’s not trying very hard and you find yourself unable to finish a sentence without getting interrupted by beeping, buzzing or scrolling, it’s okay to cut your night short and make plans another time. Bad habits can be a black cavernous hole of doom, and falling off the wagon is par for the course – but you don’t have to get run over by it.

Does your guy have a smartphone addiction?

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