5 Ways to Wear Comfortable Sweaters and Leggings: Friday Finds

Comfortable sweaters and leggings can be fashionable.

Sweaters and leggings are the ultimate comfortable, easy-to-wear outfit. You can dress-up this classic look, or dress it way down. We’ve picked 5 sweater and leggings combos that should keep you warm, cute, and comfortable until spring.

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, sweater

Comfotable sweaters and leggings, sweater

1. Extreme Cowlick Pullover and Sweater Leggings

This over-sized sweater is just cute enough to make it work with everything, but especially leggings. It’s roomy, relaxed fit will eventuate your stellar stems in whatever footwear you decide to don. Priced at $275. We chose to pair this sweater with the above leggings because, duh, they are darling, but also because we love the legging’s detail. Priced at $68.

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, tunic

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, lace

2. Slouchy Tunic and Lacy Leggings

Sexy and slouchy: That’s the name we’d give this outfit. Obviously, the sweater is the slouchy part of this ensemble, but you’ll look like anything but a slouch in this sweater. While this top is  shapeless, it effortlessly drapes the human form. Priced at $148. Now, the leggings pictured above are definitely sexy. While we wouldn’t suggest wearing these leggings out without a skirt — or a slouchy sweater — we love that these leggings challenge the whole “Netflix and chill” label this piece of clothing has acquired. Priced at $48.

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, t-neck

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, ruffle

3. T-Neck and Soft Legging

You know those February days that feel and smell just like spring? This is the sunny outfit to wear on that day. We love this t-neck because it’s simple, vintage inspired, and sexy. Priced at $98. And, yeah, these leggings are just leggings, but its hue is beautiful and we love how its bottoms are ruffled. Priced at $29.95.

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, grandpa

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, simple

4. Ida Cardigan and Side-Zip Leggings

Grandpa cardigans never go out of style — especially when you pair them with form-fitting leggings. This cardigan is $268 and has a deep, earthy hue, which thankfully pairs well with these side-zip leggings. The leggings, priced at $118, are simple and resemble pants, which will allow you to get a lot of wear out of them.

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, fluffy

Comfortable sweaters and leggings, pink

5. Pullover Sweater and Leggings

If you like looking soft and fluffy while feeling soft, this combo is the best on the list. This white, fluffy, “wraparound” sweater — priced at $12.49 — pairs extremely well with these light pink leggings, which are priced at $153.99. While this is a casual outfit, you could sass either of these pieces up easily.

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