6 Ideas for Making DIY Paper Flowers Like a Boss

Make your own diy paper flowers.

Decorate your spaces with pretty, yet sneeze-free, DIY paper flowers.

Everyone loves the look of fresh flowers throughout the house. Flowers can add instant beauty, color and visual interest to any dark corner, bare tabletop, or corner bookcase. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t blessed with a green thumb or are just unluckily allergic to fresh blooms. DIY paper flowers to the rescue. You can make paper blooms instead of fresh ones to decorate your office, powder room, or kitchen table to get the look of real flowers without the downsides of the real thing.

Aren’t crafty enough to come up with your own projects for making DIY paper flowers or just need a little inspiration? Read on some tips, ticks and ideas for how to make your own bountiful bouquets to rival the beauty of fresh flowers!

Ideas for How to Make DIY Paper Flowers

  1.  Cupcake Liners

Use pretty patterned cupcakes liners to make easy peasy DIY paper flowers. This cupcake liner flower tutorial is a great example of what you could do with simple cupcake liners, floral wire and tape.

  1. Crepe Paper

Crepe paper has been used a medium for paper flowers for eons–think high school prom–but you can make them more elegant by using the single-petal method. Use this template for making tulips, roses, peonies and lilies. Here’s another tutorial for making pretty ranunculus.

  1. Book Pages

Before taking those old books to the thrift shop, turn the pages into pretty paper blooms. Use the pages from your favorite books to give more meaning to your flower displays. Use this tutorial to make rolled roses from book pages, letters, newspapers or other printed pages.

  1. Cardstock

If you want to make paper flowers that are a little sturdier, and can handle a good dusting, try using cardstock or a heavier weight paper. Here is one project idea for making spider mums from brightly-colored cardstock paper and another tutorial for a dahlia-like bloom.

  1.  Coffee Filters

Much like cupcake liners, coffee filters can be made into pretty paper blooms. They are actually great to make luscious peony-like blossoms. Here’s an easy how-to project for inspiration.

  1. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is also an old standby for making paper flowers, but it never goes out of style because of its versatility, affordability and ubiquitousness. Try this idea for making tissue paper poppies or this project for tissue paper daffodils.

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