6 Practical, Unusual Uses for Windex that Go Beyond Window Cleaning



Sure there are known uses for Windex, but what about these other uses?

Your cleaning closet can get quite crowded these days with a cleaning solution for just about every specific household appliance, furniture and item. A lot of it is a marketing ploy, leading consumers to buy a bunch of different cleaning solutions for various, specific purposes. However, some of these cleaners are multi-purpose and can spread themselves thin across your household cleaning needs. Windex is no exception. This window cleaning solution is good for a lot more than windows.

And while Windex isn’t exactly an eco-friendly product, if you have a bottle laying around, you might as well put it to good use rather than just dump the chemicals down the drain, right?

Here are 6 practical and some unusual uses for Windex that will save you time and money. Enjoy!

1. Shine Jewelery

Did you know you can get your jewelry to sparkle with Windex, just like your windows? Pour about 1/2 cup of Windex into a microwavable bowl and place in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Remove. Drop in your jewelry and let sit for at least 15 minutes. Remove and rinse. They will be clean and shiny!

2. Repel Bugs

Bugs aren’t fans of the smell of Windex, so use it to deter a bug in its path or to prevent others from entering an area. Simply spray along the edges of an entrance or window to prevent bugs from entering the vicinity.

3. Fight Acne

Windex contains alcohol, which will kill bacteria spot on. Dip one end of a cotton swab into Windex and dab the acne spots lightly – and only the acne spots, as coating your face will cause it to dry. Let the treated areas dry before cleansing and rinsing.

4. Remove a Stuck Ring

Ever try on a friend’s ring (even secretly) and are unable to remove it? Spray Windex on the ring and the finger surrounding. The Windex lubricates the area for easy removal as well as causes capillaries to tighten, thinning the finger slightly so that the ring can slide right off.

5. All-Purpose Cleaner

This use isn’t so far-fetched, but it sure helps you to save some money and minimize the excess bottles of cleaning solutions in your cleaning closet. Use Windex in the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room to remove tough grease, residue and mildew. It does it all!

6. Remove Stains

Got a stain on your shirt? Pour a bit of Windex atop it and give the affected area a light scrub. Toss into the washer machine and wash. When all is said and done, the shirt will come out clean!

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