6 Ridiculously Cool Pieces of Reclaimed Wood Art

Wood art for your walls!

Love the idea of decorating your home with wood art made from reclaimed wood? Honestly, who wouldn’t?

Browsing around the Interwebs the other night,  I came across a genre of wall art and sculpture made from reclaimed wood. What I saw just blew me away; I am often amazed by the creativity of artistic types, but this wood art discovery was something special.

Not only are these artists creating stunning wood art, but they are committed to having a small environmental art footprint by using reclaimed wood. Most of the artists use a mix of upcycled and repurposed wood with a smattering of virgin wood thrown in where necessary. Other artists even use naturally found wood pieces and finish them accordingly.

The warmth of wood and the beauty of the artistic expression of these pieces is sure to impress. Up your decor game and collect some truly stunning and super cool wall art to add some beauty, color, and texture to your space. It will become the conversation piece you imagine it to be!

Stunning Reclaimed Wood Art

Wood Art 1]

1. Reclaimed Abstract Modern Rustic Wood Wall Art – How much of a stunner is this colorful wall artwork?

Wood Art 2

2. Modern Wood Art Wall Hanging –  This gorgeous piece will be the center of attention in any room. It’s made utilizing Shou Sugi Ban, or an ancient Japanese wood preservation technique where the wood is torched. How cool is that?

Wood Art 3

3. Illuminated Wood Sculpture – This illuminated wooden sculpture also has function. It’s made from a beautiful piece of reclaimed California incense cedar from the Angeles National Forest just north of Los Angeles and adds lovely light to any room.

Wood Art 4

4. Mandela Wood Art – This piece features a hand painted mandala on a piece of reclaimed red pine barn wood. It’s splendid in its simplicity.

Wood Art 5

5. Birds on a Wire Wood Art – This lovely artwork features the silhouettes of birds on a wire. It’s made from a reclaimed pallet and uses a mosaic technique.

Wood Art 6

6. Fire Sparks Wood Wall Art – This piece is part wall art and part sculpture. It’s made from 3d triangles that have been hand painted and affixed to create a unique shape that plays with the light to create a light and dark effect.
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Image: Wood Warmth

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