7 Chunky Handmade Jewelry Designs for Winter

Chunky handmade jewelry for winter.

We know that during the winter months creating stylish outfits seems like afterthought. Our main concern is mostly staying warm and deciding if it’s okay to wear leggings, dresses and boots to work–everyday. But, it’s important to keep one’s sartorial spirit alive and to that end here are some great chunky handmade jewelry pieces (and one vintage design we love) from Etsy that are just perfect for the season.

1. Lisner Winter White Vintage 1950s Jewelry Set

Chunky handmade jewelry for winter.

Image: STLvintage

Go vintage with this pretty Lucite style chunky necklace from the 1950s. Make a vintage statement and pair this pretty set with a cardigan and a pencil skirt for a librarian-chic look or wear with a rockin’ rockabilly style cocktail dress. Wearing vintage is the ultimate in re-purposing chic!

2. Chunky Knit Necklace

Chunky handmade jewelry for winter.

Image: IKKX

Get bold and sport this knitted statement necklace made from mint green polymer clay rings and super soft grey cotton yarn. It’s fastened by tying on the cotton ribbons and so the length can be adjusted. This handmade jewelry style comes in a variety of color combinations to suit your winter wardrobe.

3. Knit Necklace

Chunky handmade jewelry for winter.

Image: NeekaKnits

This chunky handmade jewelry design is part necklace and part scarf and is the perfect necklace to add some drama to your look without sacrificing comfort and warmth! This easy to wear piece is made from hand-knitted circles that are joined to form a necklace that slips over the head. Who says fashion can’t be comfortable?

4. Winter Bangle Grey Branches Chunky Perspex Bracelet

Chunky handmade jewelry for winter.


For a true statement design, consider this chunky bangle. It’s made from Perspex acrylic, which is similar to Lucite, and features a gorgeous photo image of grey silhouetted winter tree branches. The way the bracelet is constructed it creates an optical illusion of softness as the image is viewed through the Perspex. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

5. Scandinavian Winter Textile Bead Necklace

Chunky Winter Bracelet

Image: TomBjornDesigns

This chunky necklace is made with eco-friendly cotton beads and is more than just a chunky handmade jewelry statement necklace–it can also be used as sweet nursing necklace. This design features icy white, silver grey and deep burgundy cotton beads, but other color combinations are available.

6. Winter White Choker

Chunky handmade jewelry for winter.

Image: jursvi

This chunky winter white choker is made from lightweight polymer clay, so it makes a statement while still being completely comfortable to wear.  This stunning handmade jewelry design fastens together with magnets for easy on and off too.

7. Branches Pendant and Earrings Set

Chunky handmade jewelry for winter.

Image: BeautySpot

Finally, here’s a more delicate resin jewelry design featuring a stunning photograph from Russian photographer Tatyana Kirsanova. In shades of cool winter blue and greens is a photo depicting the first hints of spring.

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