7 Clever and Cool Tee Shirts: You Are What Your Tee Shirt Says, Right?

Cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

Sport some of these cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

Warmer weather is finally here and that means it’s time to be super fabulous and rock our super cool tee shirts. I, along with almost every other tee shirt wearing person in the world, am partial to shirts with clever and cool sayings. Whether they are pithy, cute, profound or just downright silly, I’m a fan of tee shirts with text on them. In fact, I often get easily distracted, when out and about, by reading all the cool tee shirts people wear.

Wearing tees with sayings on them is sort of an interpretation of “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” Of course, plenty of tee shirts are just goofy, but most tee shirts aren’t meant to be taken too seriously and are just casual fun.

Here some cute and clever and cool tee shirts to add to your collection.

Cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

1. I Know That the Guacamole is Extra Tee – I know it costs extra, but I want it anyway. How many times have you said this? A tee shirt would make things simpler.

Cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

2. This is the Zombie Apocalypse Tee –  I certainly feel like I’m walking amongst zombies plenty of times. Are you with me?

Cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

3. The Smallest Deeds Are Greater Than the Greatest Intentions Tee –  If this doesn’t give you a kick in the butt, I don’t know that will!

Cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

4. There is More to Me Than Meets the Eye Tee – You shouldn’t have to say this, but it some people need a reminder that we are more than our appearance.

Cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

5. Do What You Love Tee – Simple reminder to make your life’s work something that you love.

Cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

6. Pi Tee – Math geeks show off your “irrational” side. Who doesn’t love pi(e)?

Cool tee shirts for warmer weather.

7. Mother of Dragons Tee – For those of you living under a rock, this is a “Game of Thrones” reference.

And if you have a bunch of old tee shirts that need to be repurposing, try out these ideas here and here. Don’t toss those old tees, repurpose them instead!

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