7 DIY Blanket Ideas Just in Time for Cooler Weather

Blanket ideas to DIY.

With fall soon upon us, it might be time to add another blanket. Make your own with these clever DIY blanket ideas.

Since cooler weather keeps many of us indoors–and is a good excuse to craft–you can make your make DIY blanket or throw instead of buying new. It’s also a practical way to repurpose everything from old t-shirts and yarn to fabric scraps, as well as old curtains, button-up shirts, flannel sheets, and more. Every few Christmases my grandmom would gift each of us grandchildren with a new handmade blanket. Not only were they warmly practical, but I cherished each and every one of those homemade blankets until they fell apart. Now I like to make my own, and I’m always on the lookout for smart and easy DIY blanket ideas.

Simple DIY Blanket Ideas

1. Chunky Knit – Learn to knit a basic chunky knit blanket with this simple tutorial from Knit Aid by simply knitting squares and combining them. The beauty of this project is you can scale the project to any size you’d like. It’s also super easy to knit up on the go without needing to haul the entire blanket around.

2. Flannel Lap Quilt  – Turn super soft and plush flannel into a sophisticated and elegant lap quilt with this easy project. This one is perfect for leaving on the back of the sofa or at work to pull over your legs when the office is too cold.

3. No Sew Fleece – Any project that is no sew is no brainer for me. While I’m not opposed to basic sewing projects, not having to haul out the sewing machine is a plus. This simple project for making a fleece blanket involves cutting and knotting fringe to finish off the ends of your fabric.

4. Tshirt Quilt – Turn those old concert tees that you’re holding onto into a practical quilt to throw over the back of the sofa or the foot of your bed. While this project does involve more sewing than the no sew fleece one, the sewing required is pretty basic stuff.

5. Simple Trim Flannel Blanket – Looking for an even easier project? Turn flannel of all stripes and hues into pretty throws by just adding fringe or trims to finish the ends. There are several options offered.

6. 30-Minute ‘Star Wars’ (Or Any Print) Snuggle Blanket – Even if you aren’t a fan of “Star Wars,” I know you are a fan of making anything in only thirty minutes. And besides, you can easily choose whatever print or pattern you favor.

7. Patchwork Sweater Blanket – Similar to the t-shirt quilt, it’s possible to repurpose old sweaters into a warm blanket. It’s also an excellent way to rid your drawers of all those worn sweaters you’ve meant to donate.

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