Brr! DIY Throw Blankets You Can Make to Stay Warm

Make your own throw blankets.

Keep the cold at bay with these warm and cozy DIY projects for throw blankets.

With Mother Nature threatening to throw another Polar Vortex our way, it’s time to prepare for colder weather. Of course, you could turn up the thermostat or you could put on a sweater and snuggle under a blanket and save some money on your energy bills (not to mention have a positive impact on the global climate change crisis).

And you don’t have to go out and but throw blankets, but instead can make your own (the activity will also warm you up!). Use scrap fabric, repurposed t-shirts, leftover yarn, felted sweaters and more to make comfy and warm throw blankets that you can stash around the house. I find that keeping throw blankets handy makes it a whole lot more likely that my family will actually use them.

15 Easy DIY Throw Blankets To Keep You Warm

  1. Giant Knitted Blanket – Knit this chunky throw up in a jiffy.
  2. Cozy Chevron Throw – This project is stylish and cozy.
  3. DIY Easy Holiday Felted Blanket – This project utilizes felted upcycled sweaters.
  4. Simple Light Fabric Throw – If you just want a light throw, consider this easy project.
  5. Pretty Lap Duvet – This project is a how-to for a simple quilted lap duvet.
  6. Crochet Heart Bobble Square Throw – Learn how to crochet a textured heart square that can be combined to make a throw.
  7. Giant Ombre Pom Pom Throw – Add giant pom poms to a throw for color and fun.
  8. No Sew Fleece Throw – Fleece is warm and durable and no sewing is even better.
  9. DIY This Plus Sign Throw – Make a stylicious throw from cozy flannel and fabric paint.
  10. Houndstooth Blanket – Houndstooth is on trend now and it’s warm.
  11. Argyle Fleece Throw – Make your own preppy argyle throw from fleece.
  12. DIY Dip-Dyed Duvet – Bring a old duvet back to life by dip-dying it.
  13. Sunburst Fabric Quilt – Brighten up a dreary and cold day with a sunburst quilt.
  14. Crochet Fleece Throw – This project calls for crocheting up the ends of a fleece throw.
  15. DIY Fleece and Flannel Throw – Combine fleece and flannel for the ultimate in warmth!

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