17 ( More!) DIY Wall Art Ideas: Make Your Own Dreamcatchers, Mobiles and More

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Get creative and add some drama to your decor with these stunning DIY wall art ideas.

Think you can’t create impressive DIY wall art? Think again. Everyone has a creative side and with a little inspiration and guidance can create extraordinary creations.

These sensational DIY wall art project ideas should get you started to creating some spectacular and striking designs. Just don’t be afraid to carve out a Saturday afternoon and to get a little messy.

17 Striking Hanging DIY Wall Art Ideas

  1. Autumn Leaf Garland – Bring the colors of autumn inside with preserving leaves with shellac and turning them into a garland.
  2. Falling Star Wall Hanging – It’s amazing what you can do with a simple dowel and glittery card stock.
  3. Paper Heart Wall Hanging – Show your love with this colorful paper heart mobile.
  4. Rosemary Wreath – Your home will smell amazing when you hang this rosemary wreath.
  5. Gold Dipped Feather Mobile – Add glittery glam with this idea to create a mobile from gold dipped feathers.
  6. Embroidery Hoop Mobile – Display fabrics or papers in embroidery hoops and hang them in a cluster from the ceiling.
  7. Instagram Polaroid Wall Display – Preserve that Instagram feed.
  8. Macrame Dreamcatcher – Make your own bohemian macrame dreamcatcher.
  9. Mason Jar Hanger Planters – Mason jar planters are pretty and practical.
  10. Sea Glass Mobile – Turn flotsam and jetsam into a pretty sea-inspired mobile.
  11. Hanging Origami – Turn those childhood origami skills into art.
  12. Batik Floral Wall Hanging – Batik is the art of relief printing with wax. Create your own batik creation.
  13. Owl Feather Dreamcatcher – A clever idea for creating an owl-inspired dreamcatcher.
  14. Lace and Doily Dreamcatcher – Combine doilies and long strands of lace to make an easy dreamcatcher.
  15. God’s Eye Wall Hanging – Remember those summer camp crafts? Put them to use with this project idea.
  16. Globe Garland – Chronicle your travels with this idea for making a mini globe garland.
  17. Glitter Disco Ball – Turn a paper lantern into a glittery disco ball and add some sparkle to your home.

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