7 Outdated Decorating Trends You Need to Let Go

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Some rules are meant to be broken–especially outdated decorating trends.

While one should decorate their home in any way that resonates with their tastes and desires, there are some outdated trends of which you do well to let go of. I can remember my grandmom, the wonderfully saintly lady that she was, telling me once that she was looking for a a new painting that matched her sofa. As horrified as I was with the concept of matching art to a couch, her quest stuck with me. It affirmed my lifelong commitment to freeing myself from the constraints of decorating times past. We should all shed those decorating trends that have outlived their usefulness (if they ever were useful).

Here are just a few of the decorating trends to free yourself from forever.

7 Outdated Decorating Trends to Leave Behind


1. Symmetry

Don’t get me wrong, symmetry has its place and can create a stunning effect in interiors. The problem is when you feel hampered by symmetry and don’t decorate the way you want to live or the way in which the room calls out for. Symmetry in the wrong room can be a bit like putting a square peg in a round hole.



2. Matching Wood

Don’t pass up that lovely vintage bureau, coffee table, or sideboard because it’s a different wood or stain from the other pieces in your room. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to matching, or mixing as the case may be, wood furniture, flooring, and finishes. Rooms with all the same type of wood or wood finish can look flat and rooms with mixed woods can look warm and inviting. Your eye will tell you what works or what doesn’t work.


3. Art on Every Wall

One thing that the best designers know is the blank space helps control the design. While you may think that every wall is calling out to be covered with some kind of art, think again. Leaving all other walls bare except one wall decked out with a gallery wall is a very dramatic statement. Just like you should leave mandatory symmetry behind, free yourself from the tyranny of art on every wall.



4. Sticking to Colors

While there’s nothing wrong with have color preferences, don’t be limited by what colors you choose in your room. Gone are the days where home decorators chose two main colors with splashes of accent colors. Instead, tell a story with color. Have a turquoise sofa with dark gray walls, a coral sofa, and accent pillows that are green and purple. It’s all good if you like it.



5. Curtains or Blinds Are a Must

Of course curtains and blinds really do serve a practical purpose in most cases. But if you can get away with it, leave them off. Windows without coverings are not only easier to clean, but can be quite dramatic and create a welcoming and brighter home.


6. Furniture for the Sake of furniture

Don’t think you need to stick to the traditional sofa with two armchairs combination. Go for what makes you comfortable–whether that is two love seats and ottomans for everyone, or a bank of mid-century modern chairs centered around a lovely low square coffee table.


7. Thinking Your Home is ‘Done’

Lastly, you just may never be completely finished with decorating your home. As you find pieces that you love and want to call your own–whether that’s art, collectibles, or furniture–make room for them. Your home should be a reflection of you and a warm and inviting place in which you want to spend your time.

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