7 Perfectly Unexpected Plaid Patterns for Around the Home

Plaid pattern round up.

Get all tartaned up with the plaid pattern for your home.

Whether in fashion or home decor, plaid patterns never really goes out of style–whether your style is more British punk, Town and Country, or retro 1970s, plaid is perfectly on point.

What exactly do we mean by “plaid pattern” though? Plaid is the general nomenclature for a fabric woven from crossed horizontal and vertical threads in two or more colors. There are subcategories of the plaid pattern like tartan, which is woven wool in specific colors and patterns; houndstooth, usually a black and white type of toothed check; gingham, which is a check pattern (and what Dorothy’s dress was made from in the “Wizard of Oz”); and so many more. There are very few rules when it comes to using the plaid pattern in your home–basically use what plaid patterns you like most.

Tips on Decorating with Plaid Patterns

  • Menswear style plaid patterns, like Glen Plaid or Tattersall, work really well in home decorating.
  • Mix plaid patterns with other patterns, like stripes, for more visual interest.
  • Mix and match plaid patterns with different colorways and sizes of the pattern. For example, gingham and a tartan plaid.
  • Use plaid in unexpected ways. A plaid throw rug, or plaid wall hanging are both not your typical plaid home decor finds.

We’ve put together this roundup of unexpected plaid home decor finds to get you inspired by plaid.

7 Perfectly Plaid Pattern Finds for Your Home

Plaid pattern round up.

1. Mid-century Plaid Curtains

Image: West Elm

Bring mid-century style to your windows with these preppy sheer linen plaid curtains.

Plaid pattern round up.

2/ Plaid Leather Rug

Image: Zara Home

Add some completely unique plaid style to your home with this plaid pattern rug.

Plaid pattern round up.

3. Upholstered Repurposed Plaid Chair

Image: FortreeHillFurniture

Add plaid by reupholstering a chair in repurposed plaid like this wingback chair from FortreeHillFurniture.

Plaid pattern round up.

4. Blue Plaid Mandala Wall Art

Image: FeatherAndIndigo

Combine styles with this white and navy geometric Mandala. A very unique way to add plaid to your space.

Plaid pattern round up.

5. Plaid Sofa

Image: puremodern

Whether your decorating style is more urban, industrial, modern or rustic, this grey plaid sofa will work.

Plaid pattern round up.

6, Golden Check Pillow

Image: Anthropologie

Be subtle with your plaid and add some sparkle with a couple of metallic checked plaid throw pillows.

Plaid pattern round up.

7. Brushed Plaid Throw

Image: Urban Outfitters

Get soft and cozy with this understated plaid throw.

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