7 Quick Fixes to the Most Common Fashion Disasters


You may already carry around a few safety pins, a small pair or scissors, or even a needle and thread. But sometimes these fashion flop tools just don’t make the cut, and we find ourselves in a situation that requires a little more creativity or preparation. 

The following 7 quick fixes to the most common fashion disasters fills you in on what you need in your purse to tackle any fashion faux pas coming your way.

1. Camel Toe

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as a camel toe you can’t control and you’re too far from your wardrobe for a quick change. Luckily, this is a common fashion disaster that has a quick solution. Camelflage and Camel Ammo sell pantyhose inserts that smooth out the feminine zone prone to camel toes whenever you don leggings, tight pants, shorts, or skinny jeans.

2. Muffin Top

No matter your size, given the tightness of your pants band, muffin tops are sometimes an unavoidable predicament. No need to squeeze into a full body spandex to avoid it. Instead, tie a sweater or long-sleeve shirt casually around your waste. It’ll give you a relaxed vibe whilst covering up the overflow. Another solution can go two ways, depending on your body shape: Try to pop open the buttons of your pants and fold down the top band, so that it rests further away from the muffin top region and clings more to the bone closer to your thighs. If this doesn’t work, pull your pants over your muffin top so that the top band almost reaches the curve that goes inward toward your rib-cage. Regardless, stand proud and work those curves!

3. Broken Heel

A night out on the town can quickly go downwards, literally, as you lose 3-4 inches of lopsided height after your heel snaps from under you. No need to curse the cobblestone and toss your shoes. Instead, be prepared. Apply E6000 adhesive glue or rubber cement to attach the heel back to the base of the shoe, and you save yourself money and a very uncomfortable situation.

4. Stocking Runs

Nothing can turn classy into trashy as quickly as a stocking run. Now there is a convenient and quick solution. Use clear nail polish to dry the threads in place so they don’t snag any further. This method will conceal the stocking run and prevent it from going any further.

5. Makeup Stains

Baby wipes are tender on a baby’s bottom and tough on make-up stains. Gently rub away lipstick, eyeliner, or concealer stains away and let dry. You could also carry around a Tide-to-Go stick, which is super light, affordable, and effective.

6. Falling Shoulder Straps

It’s such a pain to constantly pull up a tank-top strap that falls down your shoulders. Not only does it expose your bra and make your style look off-kilter but also is annoying to tend to. Hollywood Fashion Tape to the rescue! Carry around this double-sided tape, which adheres to both fabric and skin, in your purse and you’ll always be ready to save the day.

7. Pilling Sweater

Pilling occurs over time, when washing and wearing of fabric causes the fibersto loosen and push to the surface. If a lint roller isn’t enough, try using a small-tooth comb to brush along the garment where the pills are, being careful not to snag or tear it. A sweater stone is also extremely effective and can be found for under $10.

Photo Credit: Oneras