7 Simple DIY Projects to Celebrate Earth Day

DIY your way to Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day all year long with simple and green DIY projects.

April 22nd is when we celebrate Earth Day, but don’t just stop there. Earth Day actually has a year-round mission to widen and engage the environmental movement worldwide through education and action. You don’t have to wait until Earth Day to celebrate, but now that it’s here you can take action with one of these simple DIY projects.

  1. Seed Bombs – Seed bombs are balls made up a mixture of soil, compost and seeds that can be used to plant in difficult to reach locations (like vacant lots you may not have access to). It’s a form of guerilla gardening for celebrating Earth Day and is a statement about reclaiming space for nature as much as it is a planting method.
  2. DIY Macrame Market Bags – Instead of buying those reusable bags at some big box store, make your own market bag. Simply use repurposed fabrics and yarns for a stylish, practical and sustainable solution for what to use at the market.
  3. Pallet Compost Bin – Turn your yard waste and table scraps into usable compost to feed your vegetable garden and flower beds. Repurposing pallets is one great solution for making a practical compost bin.
  4. Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat in Your Yard – Most of us who live in the suburbs do not actually use our yards and none of us needs a lawn, that antiquated idea of what a yard is supposed to look like that dates backs to the 16th-century aristocracy. Create a certified wildlife habitat with your yard and allow nature to flourish in the suburbs again.
  5. Vermicomposting Bin – If you live in an apartment, but still want to compost, consider vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is simply composting with worms and can be done mess-free, inside a container.
  6. Little Free Library – Build a Little Free Library for you and your neighbors and eschew the Kindle and other e-devices. I don’t know about you, but I have shelves and shelves of books I could share with others instead of contributing more e-waste to the planet!
  7. Feed the Pollinators – Plant trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants that will provide food for pollinators like bees and butterflies. And commit to going pesticide-free!

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