7 Stunning Watercolor Effect Ideas for Painting Up Your Space

Add the watercolor effect to your home.
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Get inspired with these ideas for bringing a painterly watercolor effect into your home.

There’s something super chill and zen about watercolors. Whether you are into realism, abstractism, impressionism, pointillism, or any other kind of “ism,” watercolor evokes a sense of whimsy and of being a free spirit. And don’t think that the watercolor effect is just for the canvas–it’s possible to decorate your space with the lightness and color that is watercolor. Read on for some inspiration and DIY ideas for adding the watercolor effect to your home.

DIY Watercolor Effect Ideas

1. Watercolor Throw Pillows

One easy way to add color of any kind is with throw pillows. By using a fixative medium it is possible to actually paint with watercolor paints on fabric. For the how-to, check out this tutorial that lays out what you will need and how to do it. Don’t be afraid to  come up with your own design though!

2. Watercolor Wall Art

Turn your talents (even if they are limited like mine) toward making some DIY watercolor wall art. Pull out your trusty watercolor paints and your imagination to make some pretty prints for your space. If you think you can’t paint, think again. You can use stencils to guide your hand or stick to simple geometric shapes. Here’s a handy tutorial for making colorful word art with watercolors.

3. Watercolor Bunting

Let your creativity guide you in making a watercolor bunting for a fun space that needs a little color (like over your desk). One clever idea is to paint coffee filters with watercolor paints and tie them to Bakers’ twine. This tutorial can offer you some inspiration.

4. Watercolor Napkins

By the same token as the throw pillow covers, it is easy to add a watercolor effect to your dinner napkins. While you could use watercolor paints and a fixative medium, you can also use acrylic paints with a medium to get the look of watercolors. Check out this tutorial for the how-to.

Watercolor Goods to Buy

Add the watercolor effect to your home.

5. Ink Splatter Removable Watercolor Wall Mural

One super easy way to add any home decor trend to your space is with a removable wall decal like this stunning watercolor wall mural. This would work great even if you live in a rental.

Add the watercolor effect to your home.6. Watercolor Duvet

And don’t forget about the bedroom when thinking about where to add a calming watercolor print. This gorgeous duvet cover is available in twin through king sizes.

Add the watercolor effect to your home.

7. Watercolor Forest Blind

One creative way to add the beauty of watercolor is with these eco-friendly roller blinds. Combine the noble beauty of a watercolor painting and make a statement with window styling.

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