7 Ways for Nature Lovers to Decorate with Botanicals

Decorate with botanicals.

Turn your home into a nature lover’s paradise with home decor ideas inspired by real-life botanicals.

If you are a plant lover and want to keep the beauty of outdoor botanicals alive all year round (and aren’t loaded enough to have an indoor conservancy) get inspired to add botanicals to your home decor. From ferns to poppies, and everything in between, botanicals make for great inspiration. Moreover, it’s super easy to add botanicals to your space by adding wall prints, patterns, DIY projects and more.

Get cracking to make your home a botanical-inspired oasis regardless of the season–and no matter whether you have a green thumb or not.

Add Botanicals to Your Home Decor

Decorate with botanicals.

1. Wall Art – One easy way to add any decor style to your home is with wall art. Whether you rent or own, wall art is always doable. You can buy wall art, like this print from Brainstorm Print & Goods, or DIY your own. Whatever suits your budget and your style.

Decorate with botanicals.

2. Wallpaper – If you are looking to make a more substantial change, consider adding botanical-themed wallpaper. Of course, some botanical wallpapers might be overwhelming in smaller spaces, so consider wallpapering an accent wall, or even using wallpaper to decoupage a piece of furniture. We love this mural wallpaper from Anthropologie.

3. Floor Coverings – And don’t forget about the floor. Either painting an old wood floor in need of love or by making your own DIY floor covering, the floor is often overlooked area in design and decor. Here is a great tutorial for making a stylish floor covering using one of IKEA’s fabrics and a dropcloth.

Decorate with botanicals.

4. Make Your Own Curtains – If you are into more DIY, consider making your own curtains utilizing a botanical print like this print available at Spoonflower, Here’s a how-to for making no-sew handmade curtain panels.

5. Dried Flower Mobile – Bring the outside in by drying your favorite flowers and other botanicals to make a DIY wall hanging or mobile. Use wood branches sourced from your yard as the base and hang dried flowers, dried ferns, and other dried botanicals from string to create an attractive wall hanging.

Decorate with botanicals.

6. StencilsStencils are another fabulous DIY solution for adding botanical prints to your home. You can stencil a pattern on your walls, like this birch tree pattern from JBoutique Stencils, or add patterns to furniture, floors, rugs, curtains, and more.

Decorate with botanicals.
7. Succulents – Of course, the best way to decorate with botanicals is with actual botanicals. Succulents are a wonderful blend of botanical beauty and easy to grow. They require very little water and are the ideal plants for those who don’t have a green thumb. A terrarium is a lovely way to incorporate succulents into your space. Learn how to DIY your own terrarium or buy one already made like this one from The Zen Succulent.

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