Wall Stencils Are The New Paint: Where to Buy, How to DIY

Damask wall stencil.

In case you didn’t know, painted wall stenciling is the new paint—and the new wallpaper. Wall stencils are the latest rage in the home design world because it’s a fairly easy and inexpensive way to create custom wall treatments in your home.

And in case you are wondering just what wall stenciling is, it is what it sounds like—using a template or stencil to paint a design, pattern or words on walls. It’s a great way to create one-of-a-kind artistic wallpaper-like designs without having to be an artist or having to commit to wallpaper–just purchase the stencil you like, affix it the wall and paint away for a creative and unique space. Of course, using wall stencils are a little more complicated than that, but the guide below explains how it works. 

Where to Buy Wall Stencils

First of all, where can one purchase wall stencils? They are pretty much available at all your home improvement stores, but one of our favorite place to look for wall stencils is on Etsy.

Two other great resources are:

You just might get lost looking at all the unbelievable options on both of these sites!

How to Apply Wall Stencils 


Image: Cutting Edge Stencils

There is somewhat of a learning curve to painting with stencils, but it’s not anything you wouldn’t be able to pick up quickly. Just don’t expect to be perfect with your first attempt, and give yourself some practice time.

Here are some great tutorials for how to paint using wall stencils:

  1. Basic Stenciling 101 – Cutting Edge Stencils
  2. Stenciling Tips – Wall to Wall Stencils
  3. How to Stencil a Focal Wall – HGTV
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  10. Stencil a Wall: A Beginner’s Guide – Practically Functional
  11. DIY Wall Stenciling – Bob Villa

How to Use Wall Stencils 

Floor wall stencil.

Image: Cutting Edge Stencils

Painting with wall stencils allows for so much creativity and so many options, the sky is really the limit.

  • Stencil an accent wall.
  • Use stencils on your furniture (the seat bottom of a wooden chair, a headboard, etc.).
  • Create an all-over stenciled wall.
  • Add corner accents to a room.
  • Create a  framed piece of artwork by stenciling a portion of your wall and adding a frame to it.
  • For something completely different stencil the ceiling OR the floor.

Top Image: Royal Design Studio


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