7 Winter Hair Tips to Stave Off Blizzard Head

7 Winter Hair Tips to Stave Off Blizzard Head

Over winter yet? Us too. Snow, blustery winds, and freezing rain have not only taken their toll on skin and psyche, but winter hair woes have set in too. These tips to battling blizzard head will ensure good hair days straight through to spring.

Feel your hair care efforts have become futile in the face of blizzard hair season? Ditch the chemical hair products and back away from the blow dryer. A few simple product and technique switch ups will buoy your ‘do straight into warmer weather.

We’ve talked dry winter skin here but the season has its disadvantages to hair too. If you are you tired of dealing with dryness, flyaways, or limp locks, a little TLC will have your tresses back to bouncy before the first tree buds.

7 Winter Hair Tips

Winter Hair Tips Acure Organics Dry Shampoo

Acure Organics Dry Shampoo

1 Suds Less // The most common hair complaint in winter has to be dryness. If you are battling hay head there are steps you can take to banish sapped strands. Enlist the help of a dry shampoo. Rather than suds up each day, don a pretty shower cap and reach for the dry shampoo instead. It will add volume without stripping away hair’s natural oils.

Winter Hair Tips Rahau Omega 9 Hair Mask

Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

2 Moisture Infusion // For added moisture try a weekly hair mask. One made with rich plant oils, like Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask, hydrates strands and moisturizes scalp. Leaves hair strong, bouncy, and shiny. More the DIY type? Try this homemade natural hair mask recipe.

Winter Hair Tips Jao Brand Goe Oil

Jao Brand GOE Oil

3 Cling Control // Those dreaded flyaways. Indoor heating, dry air, coats and scarves all contribute to static. Tame stray strands with a hit of oil. GOE Oil by Jao Brand provides instant control when smoothed over hair. Remember, a little dab’ll do ya. Too much oil will cause limp locks.

Winter Hair Tips Yarok Feed Your Roots Hair Mousse


4 Amp It Up // Fine-haired women tend to go flat in dry weather. If winter has sucked the life out of your hair, pump up the volume with a root lifting product. Yarok FEED YOUR ROOTS Mousse provides body without drying hair. Another tip? If you are prone to lifeless locks, ditch the hat for better hair days.

Widu Elite Bubinga Wood Boar Bristle Brush

Widu Elite Bubinga Wood Boar Bristle Brush

5 Dry Hair Brushing // Are you making the most of your scalp’s natural oils? Be sure oils are reaching the ends of strands with a proper brushing. A boar bristle brush (ethically sourced, of course!) is gentle on hair and scalp, while invigorating skin and distributing oil. Feels great too.

Winter Hair Tips Twistband


6 Winter Up Do // The pony isn’t only for summer, you know. This classic style is a year ‘round hair saver. Just be sure you aren’t doing more damage. A sure way to look stylish while going easy on strands is with Twistband hair ties. Perfect for no wash days.

Winter Hair Tips Healthy Fats

Image via Shutterstock

7 Mane Food Group // You know how what you eat shows up on your skin? This goes for hair too. Be sure to up your healthy fats intake during winter months to keep hair shiny and at its best. Good sources include ghee, olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

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