DIY Split End Treatment Hair Mask for Seamlessly Healthy Locks


Your hair may be healthy but your split ends often don’t show it. A trim every now and then is necessary, but if you find your tresses always in a fray, it’s time for a DIY split end hair mask to enter your regimen.

This split end treatment recipe is your ticket to hair that shines and glows from the scalp all the way down to the tips. All it takes are three common household ingredients!

Be it the weather, the extent to which you blow dry or the nature of the hair products you use, split ends often can end up compromising your overall look of health. The triumvirate of honey, almond oil and apple cider vinegar works to address the various factors that lead to split ends and in a completely natural way. Who need chemicals when the most potent of ingredients can be found in your home pantry? And in this recipe, three’s a charm!

Honey: It is packed with vitamins and minerals, which help to repair the hair. Meanwhile, it acts as a humectant (attracts moisture).

Almond oil: Also nutrient-rich, almond oil helps to achieve smooth locks. It has a high dose of vitamin E, which is essential for healthy hair.

Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the hair and its pH level, so that you have the silkiest strands possible. It also doubles as a tonic of sorts, removing the build up of product and ultimately leaving behind a shiny glow.

30-Minute Split End Treatment

Good for 1 treatment


Directions: Mix all the ingredients together and slowly massage through your tresses, focusing on the ends. Let the split end treatment sit for 30 minutes before rinsing.

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