8 Deliciously Pretty in Pink Decor Ideas for Your Pad

Pink decor ideas.

Let your inner princess shine and show your love for the color pink with these pink décor ideas and inspirations.

The color pink often gets a bad rap in both fashion and décor. I can remember eschewing pink growing up for its patriarchal connotations, but as I grew older, I realized I could be a feminist and still love the color pink. Pink is just a color and those of us who love it shouldn’t let the baggage that has weighed the color down to erode the joy we get from the color. Read on to get inspired to go with pink décor.

Pink has it rough in both fashion and décor. It’s seen as a color for girls only and shades from petal to hot are mocked incessantly. But pink is a fabulous color. Everyone looks good in pink and that is reason enough for me to cover my person and my walls in every shade imaginable. And lest you think that pink décor only belongs in a bedroom of a tiara-wearing Kindergartener, think again.  From the Mid-Century Modern décor fiend to the bohemian eclectic, pink décor can be incorporated into any room and any style décor. All that matters is that you love it.

I have put together a wonderful round up of pink décor finds from wallpaper to planters and everything in between. Whether you want to go full on pink from floor to ceiling, or just to add a pink accent or two, read on to get inspired to bring the color into your space in every hue from blush to fuchsia!

Pretty in Pink Décor

1. Emil Quartz Rose Sofa via Article

This modern Mid-Century Scandinavian-inspired sofa is a classic, but the color would put a spin on your living space for sure. Add bold-patterned pillows in black and white for a statement.

2. Arcade Wallpaper via Farrow & Ball

This art deco inspired wallpaper offers a soft, romantic take on a classic curved motif. The scalloped repeat pattern design creates a wonderfully retro and sophisticated feel. Farrow & Ball uses water-based paints and paper sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

3. Moroccan Pink Leather Pouf via Chairish

Add some pretty pink color and boho texture with this handmade leather pouf that would make for quite a pop of color in any room.

4. Air Planter Pod via Thrift and Made

Brighten your desk, table, or bookshelf with a grouping of these modern, handmade planters. An easy way to add color and some greenery to your space.

5. Gold and Pink Triangle Wall Decals via Wordy Bird Studio

Add some colorful confetti decals in hues of gold and pink to your walls for a hint of pink decor. Wall decals are great for those who don’t want the hassle of paint or can’t paint because they are renting.

6. Woven Wall Hanging via Raspberry Moon Weaving

And don’t forget about the walls with this ombre wall hanging, handmade from cotton and merino wool. It would make a lovely pink decor statement on your walls.

7. Modern Table  via moderncr8ve

Go with a hint of pink with this super cool handmade coffee table in walnut and oak with a hot pink steel base.

8. Blush Pink Sideboard via GHIFY

This modern sideboard or entertainment unit is made entirely from scrap timber salvaged from houses and finished with a blush pink finish.

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