10 Super Crafty Decor Projects You Can Do for Under $10 in 60 Minutes or Less

Easy crafty decor projects under $10.
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Love to take on crafty decor projects, but don’t love the added expense or don’t have countless hours to spend getting your craft on? Crafting and creating don’t have to be expensive, nor do they need to take up a lot of time.

From the bathroom to the bedroom, we have got you covered with some quick, easy, and ideas for crafty decor projects that you can easily complete in one sitting, and that won’t break the bank. Busy, cheap people like to take on easy crafty decor projects, too, and we’ve got ideas that are right up your alley.

10 Quick and Cheap Crafty Decor Projects

1. Glass Marker Painted Candle Votives – Paint simple glass votive candle holders using paint markers. You pick up votives at the thrift store and get paint markers in a variety of colors at the arts and craft store.

2. Button Pillow Art – Turn a button collection into art by sewing buttons on a plain throw pillow to go from boring to button-y in less than an hour.

3. Yarn-Wrapped Vases – Repurpose that unused yarn from past uncompleted projects by wrapping blasé vases to quickly (and inexpensively) add color and texture.

4. Doily-Wrapped Mason Jars – By the same token, snap up lace doilies whenever you see them at the thrift store to add some lace prettiness to plain mason jars, which can be used to hold everything from pencils to utensils.

5. Quick Embroidery Tea Towels – Another simple crafty decor project is to decorate tea towels with your own embroidered design. Keep for yourself or gift as host gifts.

6. Chalkboard Coasters – Paint old coasters with chalkboard paint for the perfect combination of form and function.

7. Photo Collage Wall Art – Cut out letters and shapes from printed photos and affix to cardstock, which can be framed to create your own wall art. Choose word art or create an abstract design.

8. Origami Mobile – Take up the art of origami and use your paper-folded creations to make a colorful and fun mobile.

9. Dip-Dyed Baskets – On your travels through yard sales and thrift stores, picks up old baskets which can be brought back to life by dip-dying them.

10. Washi Tape Placemats – Washi tape is colorful, printed, slightly sticky masking tape. Cover cardstock with different prints, patterns and colors of washi tape to make decorative crafty placemats.

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