12 DIY Home Projects On the Cheap to Make Your Space Look More Expensive

DIY home projects on the cheap.

Freshen and add value to your home with simple DIY home projects and updates that won’t break the bank.

Let’s say you want to fix up your home to sell it, or you just want to give it a light facelift, but you can’t afford to spend a small fortune. It is possible to apply easy DIY home projects to add value and update your space.

Whether you’re trying to sell, or just impress your guests, making small changes with easy DIY home projects can make a big difference. Real estate agents advise clients to not overlook the details. Curb appeal and first impressions are super important when you are staging your home to sell. But even if you aren’t trying to sell, make your guests think you spent a bunch of money remodeling when you just chose your DIY home projects wisely.

Easy DIY Home Projects With A Big Impact

  1. Door Way Spruce up – Paint your front door, including the trim, and replace your house numbers.
  2. Mirrored Closet Doors – Make your regular old closet doors look expensive by adding cheap framed mirrors that are painted to match.
  3. Drape Tiebacks – DIY simple tiebacks for your drapes using hardware from the home improvement store for an updated look.
  4. Faux Garage Door Windows – Make your house look like it’s a million bucks by painting faux windows on your garage door. Here’s a simple how-to.
  5. Faux Wainscotting – Create the illusion of wainscotting by attaching simple wooden frames painted to match your walls.
  6. Install a new backsplash – You may not be able to afford a whole kitchen remodel, but you most certainly can afford an inexpensive backsplash fix–especially if it involved peel and stick gel stickers
  7. Accent Wall – Painted accent walls can both freshen your space and make it look more like it’s from the pages of a fancy home decorating magazine.
  8. Updated Heater Vents – You don’t need to replace old looking heater vent covers–just spray them to make them look like new.
  9. Light Switch Update – Add picture frames to light switch covers to make them look more like the expensive models.
  10. Create Faux baseboards – Create the effect of bolder baseboards by adding an extra piece of trim above the baseboard and painting it the same color as the trim. See the how-to here.
  11. Curtains High and Wide – To create the illusion of a larger room with taller ceilings, hang your curtains higher and wider than the window.
  12. Cabinet Hardware – When you can’t replace the cabinets, replace the hardware instead.

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