Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create Your Own Private Oasis

Bedroom decorating ideas to create your own private oasis.

Try these simple bedroom decorating ideas to create your private oasis!

For many of us, our bedroom spaces are sacred places. If your bedroom could use a little freshening, read on for some easy bedroom decorating ideas to make your bedroom your own private retreat!

No Headboard, No Problem

Create a cool, calm and serene space from which to arise every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world (or at least your corner of it). No headboard is required though.

  • Create the illusion of a headboard by painting a mural of a “faux-board”, like as seen in this project.
  • Affix repurposed shutters or wooden doors to the wall to give the effect of a headboard. Estate, yard, and thrift sales are the best places to look for shutters and doors.

A Private Affair

You may also want to consider adding a bit of privacy to your boudoir. All the better for binge watching Netflix in bed all day.

  • Drape gauzy curtains from a hula hoop hung from the ceiling around your bed that you can open and close as you see fit.
  • DIY a folding privacy screen from bi-fold doors that you can decorate to match your decor.

Writing on the Walls

Among bedroom decorating ideas, what you do with your walls is a pretty important decision.

  • To give you the illusion of an airier space, only the paint the walls 3/4ths of the way up with your color. Then paint the ceiling and the rest of the wall white. This will make your ceiling appear taller.
  • Add special text to your walls. You can paint walls with chalkboard paint, use text stencils and/or paint your favorite poem, song lyrics or book passages on your walls.

Hide It All Away

When deciding on what bedroom decorating ideas to focus on, one key idea is to keep clutter at bay by dealing with clutter before it happens. That means storage is king.

  • Create under the bed storage by repurposing drawers from old dressers. Just beware the cats may like them too!
  • It’s hard to relax with all those unsightly tech cables hanging off your bedside table. DIY your nightstand to hide those cords away by drilling a hole in the top and back for the cords to poke through. Or for extra points, turn an old book into a clever docking station.

Finishing Touches

Sometimes it is the little things that set the tone for your quiet space.

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