8 Great Ombre DIY Projects for Your Home

Pretty ombre dresser.

Ombre is a color technique in which colors graduate into each other from light to dark. It’s also a recent color trend for hair, home and fashion.

The ombre technique is a great way to add color to your home in a surprising way. It’s also very calming and welcoming can add a sense of warmth to any room. Ombre can instill a bit of fun into your interiors and depending on how you use the trend, it can come across as sophisticated or as bohemian–it’s all how you style it.

The effect can shift from lighter to darker shades of one color or blend from one color to another color for a more dramatic effect. Creating the effect can be as simple as using 3 levels of gradient (e.g., from white to light blue to dark blue) or can involve many more transitions–all are on trend and stunning. In addition, the transitions can be sharply delineated with clear contrast between the gradients or the transitions from one shade to another can be gradual and subtle.

If you would like to get in on the trend and add more color in your home with the ombre technique, here are some DIY projects and inspiration for adding the trend to your home.
  1. Dollar Store Spring Ombre Vases – take dollar store or thrift store glass vases and paint to these spring-inspired vases.
  2. DIY Ombre Art – make your own wall art with some recycled plywood and paint. Use this lovely pink and white piece as inspiration.
  3. Ombre Curtains -starting with plain white curtains and some Rit dye; it is possible to dip-dye your own pretty gradient curtains.
  4. Ombre Furniture – bring an old piece of furniture back to life by adding some paint and the gradient technique, like this pretty 3-drawer secretary desk from white to hot pink or this peachy-keen ombre dresser.
  5. Ombre Stair Railing – one great idea is to create an ombre effect with stairway balusters. What a gorgeous way to add color to your home!
  6. Ombre Walls – create an ombre accent wall with this great how-to.
  7. Ombre Rug – make a fun ombre yarn pompom rug with this great project tutorial.
  8. Ombre Lighting – one idea is to DIY your lampshades using the ombre technique. This project uses yarn to create an on trend gradient look.

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