Oui! 5 French Country Decor Tips for Your Francophilia

French country home.

French country decor is the best of both worlds–European-style elegance crossed with rustic country elements. The style comes out of the old country homes of the French countryside where the upper crust of Paris would (and still do) retreat during the hot summer months when city living is unbearable.

The style is about blending the elegance and stateliness with rustic charm and comfort. It’s a style holistically developed on these French country estates between precious family heirlooms handed down through generations and the natural ease that just happens on a real country farm. As this style has developed and spread in popularity around the world, more importance has been placed on the country aspects of the style.

The key to French country decor is to blend old world style with rustic easiness to create an inviting and comfy space.

Here are 5 tips to achieving the French country look in your home.

1. Fabrics

French country dining room.

Image: One Kings Lane

Patterns are important. Toile is a must, as are stripes and plaids. It’s important to use natural fabrics and to mix lighter weight with heavier weight fabrics. Also, mixing luxe with plainer fabrics is a common theme.

2. Wrought Iron

French country bedroom.

Image: Anthropologie

Incorporating wrought iron is essential, whether with fireplace accessories, a chandelier  or with a gorgeous canopy bed. Wrought iron is a fixture in French country homes, so get creative about how you can incorporate it.

3. Windows

French country windows.

Image: Soft Surroundings

You can choose to go either light or heavy with windows. Choose no drapes to let in lots of light or lightweight lace cafe curtains for the kitchen. You can also choose a very European-style floor to ceiling heavy taffeta drape in the dining room. Both choices are appropriate for French country.

4. Comfy and Effortless Spaces

French country corner.

Image: PoshSurfside.com

Create comfy, effortless spaces that can pull you in. Keep clutter to a minimum and make sure surfaces are bare and cleared off–clutter-free corners are more inviting. Use soft and upholstered seating where possible.

5. Mix and Match

French country

Image: Burrs & Berries

It is absolutely critical that you mix and match classic elements with rustic ones. Choose a rough hewn rustic table with an elegant chandelier to achieve the French country decor look. Pair a low-slung comfortable sofa with a classic armoire.

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