9 Simple & Gorgeous Scandinavian Design Home Decor Projects

Scandinavian design ideas.

When one thinks of Scandinavian design and style the first thing that comes to mind is probably IKEA.

Although the big box store has done a great job at helping it become more mainstream, Scandinavian design is much more than just what one finds at IKEA.

Scandinavian design and style are a form of modernism. At the core of the Scandinavian design movement are the concepts of minimalism, functionalism and simplicity. The idea is incorporate both form and function for a marriage of beautiful home decor that is affordable and attainable.

There is also a focus on do-it-yourself ideas, and techniques for using natural materials, like wood, wool, linen and cotton. Patterns are important in Scandinavian design and often reference the natural world as well as ancient Nordic design motifs. It’s easy to see why people equate Scandinavian design with IKEA, because that all sounded like a description from an IKEA catalog!

Do-it-Yourself Scandinavian Design Projects

  1.  Painted Dresser – take an old piece of wood furniture and some geometric painted accents to add some Scandinavian design to your home.
  2. Minimalist Cube Shelf – make your Scandinavian style floating shelf on which to store your most prized tiny knickknacks to really show them off.
  3. Paper Garland “Curtains” – use this tutorial to use hanging paper garlands as curtains to add some pretty and simple style to your windows.
  4. DIY Balsa Wood Heart – just in time for Valentine’s Day, make your own simple heart decoration to spread the love around your home. This is so simple, it’s stunning!
  5. Simple Stitched Table Runner – add some cross stitching to a table runner for a simple project to create a starry night table runner.
  6. Colorful Stenciled Wall – this great project utilizes a stencil from Royal Design Studio to create a colorful and gorgeous random herringbone accent wall.
  7. Paint by Number Wood Coasters – this project features Pennsylvania Dutch designs, but they are so reminiscent of Scandinavian motifs that they would work in your Scandinavian styled home as well.
  8. DIY Pallet Bed – a pallet bed combines the simplicity, affordable and resourceful of Scandinavian design perfectly. Reuse and reduce!
  9. Dip Dyed Baskets – dip dying baskets will add a bit of that rustic charm that is part of Scandinavian design. It’s also a really easy and inexpensive way to add some color to your decor.

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