Adding Folkloric Flourishes to Your Home Decor

      Folkloric and oflk art decor.

The folkloric design trend is in full swing—from Scandinavian-inspired embroidered pillows to Ikat-printed textiles, folkloric designs and themes are on trend.

Just what is folkloric exactly? According to, folklore is “the traditional beliefs, legends, customs, etc., of a people” (folklore is the noun and folkloric is the adjective).  So folkloric design is one way in which those traditional beliefs, customs and legends have been transmitted—it’s the representation of the culture via produced goods. Along with the oral and written tradition, creating arts and crafts has been a mainstay in transmitting the culture of a many peoples. And this artistic transmission of culture is a beautiful way to celebrate home, no matter where you are in the world. 

Today folkloric design encompasses an additional layer as designers are drawn to and inspired by primitive and folksy designs of cultures around the world in their own designs. It’s not uncommon to see folkloric inspired designs while shopping at Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Etsy and others.

It’s important to note that the description “primitive” isn’t meant as an insult, but is used as a descriptive word that signifies the difference between low art (the crafts of the people) as opposed to high art (fine art). It’s the difference between culture with a “c” and Culture with a “C”. High art has often been what’s revered and coveted, but with folkloric designs becoming more popular that trend just may be waning.

So, if you like the primitive, folksy and homey feel of folkloric designs and want to add more to your home, here are 7 great folkloric pieces you can add to your own home.

1. Folk Art Letterpress Coaster Set

Folkloric coasters.

Image: pressbound

Protect your coffee table from rings and show off some folkloric style; this is a quick and easy way to add a bit of style.

2. Handprinted Folk Art Veggie Tea Towel

Folkloric tea towel.

Image: ChestnutStreetStudio

Even drying dishes can be stylish! Or you can just use these for drying hands and save paper towels for real messes (and make these last longer).

3. Dala Horse Screen printed Pint Glasses

Dala horse glasses.

Image: vital

Dala horses are traditional Swedish carved and painted wooden horse statue and figurines. Try them adding them in a non-traditional way, like with a more formal tabletop.

4. Giclée print “Deva or Maiden”

Folkloric print.

Image: anyapany

This illustrated print of a Deva (a maiden turned into a bird by a magic spell) is stunning, and would add a strong graphic element to any room.

5. Hand Painted Folkloric Chotchkies 

Folkloric decor.

Image: TheLewisKingsleyCo

Inspired by folkloric designs, these handpainted wooden knickknacks would look really cool on a mantle or nestled between books on a shelf.

6. Folklore Cups and Saucers

Folkloric teacups.

Image: Ninainvorm

And for something a little more practical, these vintage cups and saucers are perfect for that morning (wee) cup of joe.

7. Traditional Romanian Handwoven Rustic Pillow Cover

Folkloric pillow.

Image: folklorelove

This pillow cover is made from a Romanian handwoven and hand embroidered vintage textile and features a folkloric geometric design.

Top Image: OLMstudio

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