11 Effortless DIY Ideas for Updating the Bathroom Decor (on the Cheap!)

Update your bathroom decor on the cheap.

Update your bathroom decor on the cheap with these easy DIY ideas.

According to real estate agents, updating the bathroom adds the least amount of value to your home. Pretty much anyone with a bathroom in need of a little TLC will tell you; that doesn’t matter, though. While updating your bathroom decor or remodeling the bathroom aren’t as sexy as making improvements in the kitchen or living room, no one wants to go in a sad and dingy space–and I do mean that literally.

Whether you are trying to sell your house, or you don’t have the budget to do a substantial remodel, there are plenty of bathroom decor updates you can do yourself to make your bathroom a more inviting and decorous space. From minor bathroom decor improvements, like swapping out an old mirror, to more labor intensive wallpaper or flooring projects, it is possible to add more character and design to the one room in the house that everyone uses. And it is completely possible to do it on the cheap.

DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas on the Cheap

  1. Mason Jar Organizer – One easy way to improve your bathroom is to add organization. If your space is small, or there’s not a lot of available counter space, one easy project idea to add hanging mason jars to hold cotton balls, bobby pins, and more. Here is one easy tutorial to follow.
  2. Upcycled Dresser Vanity – While it may take a little more know-how than the previous idea, one clever and cheap trick to updating a dated vanity is to turn an old dresser into a vintage inspired vanity.
  3. Create an Accent Wall – Turn drab into fab by adding an accent wall to your bathroom. Paint one wall a bold or dark color like a dark navy, add floor to ceiling wainscotting, or some other clever idea to create a cheap but eye-catching effect.
  4. Painted Floor – By the same token, if your bathroom has a less than perfect floor, but you it’s not in the budget to replace it, paint it instead. While it’s not suitable for all flooring types, this project for a painted chevron floor turns a worn floor into wow!
  5. Pallet Mirror Frame – Pallets are quite useful for all kinds of DIY projects, including in the bathroom. Use pallet slats to create a frame for a bathroom mirror to give your boring bathroom some style.
  6. Bold Ceiling – If all else fails, try doing something bold with the ceiling. Paint it black, add glow in the dark paint, plank it, add wall stencils, or some other clever and easy idea.
  7. DIY Shower Curtain – One super easy way to add some style to the bathroom is with a bold and colorful shower curtain. Do it on the cheap and DIY one up yourself like this makeover project for a striped shower curtain.

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