8 Male Stereotypes to Just Get Over Already

8 Male Stereotypes to Just Get Over Already

Male stereotypes encourage us to ruin relationships before they even start.

Men are sex-obsessed, commitment-phobic lie-by-omitters who have no clue how to treat a woman—or, so we’re led to believe by the archaic male stereotypes none of us can shake. We probably hang onto them not because we believe them, but because gender roles have become so confusing it’s easier to stick to what’s familiar. Even if it’s wrong.

Here are 8 male stereotypes we should break up with. Like, now-ish:

1. Men don’t cry

Men have tear ducts just like we do. They might not sob uncontrollably on the regular (you know, like me) but the occasional weepfest strikes them much like us. While it’s considered more socially acceptable for women to cry, shedding tears is a liberating reality we should all be free to use.

2. Men do everything at the last minute

Women are planners, while men are last-minute shoppers… right? Wrong. According to a recent poll about gifting, 75 percent of men buy prezzies for their sig-o at least two weeks before Christmas, while only 4 percent of men put off gift buying.

3. Men know how you want to be treated

In this department, dudes are so screwed. One minute, we’re pissed when he takes the check (“I don’t need a man to pay for my dinner ya’ll!”), the next we’re insulted when he doesn’t (“No, I don’t want no scrub.”). If we don’t define exactly how we want to be treated and—here’s the catch—communicate it clearly, how does he stand a chance?

4. Big hands equal…

Not so much. In a 2002 study from St. Mary’s Hospital in London, researchers compared foot size to penis-size and no connection was found.

5. His texts mean something else

Just like your bitchy resting face doesn’t mean you’re in a shit mood, his one word texts don’t mean he’s avoiding you or mad at you—either he doesn’t feel the need to expand further or would rather just talk to you in person. (You know, with voices.)

6. Dudes aren’t romantic

This is one of those male stereotypes that feels true, yet couldn’t be further from it. In fact, a long-term study by Dr. Terri Orbuch found men are actually more romantic than women! She found that men find the lovey dovey stuff “very reassuring.”

7. All men think about is sex

How exactly do you measure for the “every seven seconds” rule, and how would men get anything else done if it were true? While men do think about sex more than women, they also think about food and sleep more than we do, says a 2011 study. It may be less to do with the fact that they’re sex fiends and more to do how our brains organically function.

8. Men are commitment-phobes

If all men are commitment-phobes and all women… well, aren’t, then why am I more of a commitment-phobe than all men combined? Do tell.

Which male stereotypes bother you the most?

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