Dude Polish? The Manicure for Men is Trending

Dude Polish? The Manicure for Men is Trending

We love some good male grooming. But how much is too much? The manicure for men seems to be showing up in unlikely places.

Black nails are a rock god staple. No surprise there. But the manicure for men, or shall we say menicure, is popping up on less likely digits these days.

Yep, guys like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Zac Efron have been spotted with buffed, polished, and deco’d fingernails. Even Snoop Dogg has been known to rock some fresh nail art, French mani style. Which, I must say, looked super dope. Snoop has enviably pretty nails.

As you can see, we are not talking the “Mad Men” era, barbershop staple, trim and buff with your shave type manicure here. No, the latest manicure for men comes complete with color, art, and even a little bling.

Manscaping takes many forms and degrees. From uber coiffed hair, to ultra groomed brows, to waxing almost any part of the bod available, men have definitely jumped on the groom to excess bus. But it seems both men and women agree, less is more where male grooming is concerned. Clean and tidy, yes. Over processed, not so much.

Does this go for ‘man”icures too? Scraggly cuticles and gnarly nails are not attractive, for sure. But is color and nail art going the way of the man bun and becoming a thing for men?

Passing trend or here to stay, either way many familiar faces are sporting some serious hand swag. Whether you love a man polish or would rather men stick with the natural look, here are some masculine hues for the latest in menicures. Oh, and they are less toxic too.

Less Toxic Polish Picks for ‘Man’icures

Manicure for Men Kure Bazaar Afrika

Kure Bazaar Afrika

Manicure for Men Kure Bazaar Hipster

Kure Bazaar Hipster

Manicure for Men Scotch Naturals Velvet Kilt

Scotch Naturals Velvet Kilt

Manicure for Men Priti Constant Nymph

Priti Constant Nymph

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