8 Powerful and Beautiful Crystals and Stones for Your Home

8 Powerful and Beautiful Healing Crystals and Stones for Your Home
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People have long used healing crystals for holistic health. Since the dawn of time, civilizations have believed that healing crystals possessed the ability to transmit their own healing energy into humans. Today, crystal enthusiasts drape their necks, ears, and wrists in crystals or clutch them during meditation. They even place them throughout their homes to alter the energy of the home.

Here are some healing crystals and stones with powerful energy that you’ll want to have around your home or on your person for extra support.

8 Powerful and Beautiful Healing Crystals that Promote Energetic and Holistic Health

1. Turquoise

Turquoise is known as the master healer, some even refer to it as the energetic bridge between heaven and Earth. It also has protective qualities for the body.

2. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a healing crystal that’s known for its ability to purify the blood as the name signifies. It also provides energy and helps you to overcome laziness and lethargy. Bloodstones are charged with energy.

3. Bastnasite

Bastnasite is a crystal that’s known for helping you manifest your dreams. While at the same time it grounds you and provides you with a connection to the Earth. Basically, it helps you to reach for the stars while you’re still planted firmly on Earth.

4. Bixbite

Bixbite is a rare stone found in Utah that’s known for its ability to release stress. It also improves your self esteem and makes you feel more energized.

5. Carnelian Stones

Carnelian stones stimulate the reproductive organs of the body. They also inspire courage, confidence, and creativity. The stones focus energy on the organs of the lower body like the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and kidneys.

6. Elephant Skin Jasper

This is a stone that can be used during meditation to promote your higher self. It assists your third eye in seeing energetically and helps you find enlightenment.

7. Lava Stones

Lava stones are the product of a volcano–they contain the powerful energy created in an eruption. They can reduce depression and improve vitality.

8. Rose Quartz

This is one of the most powerful crystals representing feminine  energy. It promotes loving at a deeper, more emotional level.

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