8 Spooky, Scary Movies to Stream for Halloween

"Evil Dead 2" VHS

Halloween is approaching so fast! Celebrate this incredibly fun and spooky holiday by streaming any of the following scary movies.

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1. “Rosemary’s Baby”

If someone pulls out some tannis root on your first date, run like hell. “Rosemary’s Baby” is the classic, slow-build scary movie. It clocks in over two hours, but holds your attention for its entirety. The film follows Rosemary, a young married woman, who gets pregnant. As her pregnancy progresses, strange and devilish things start to happen. Streaming for free with a subscription.

2. “Evil Dead 2”

If you’ve yet to give “Evil Dead” a watch, worry not! You can easily screen “Evil Dead 2” without getting confused (thanks to the first 10 minutes of the film). The film follows Ash — and a band of unlucky victims — as he fights the Deadites. Streaming for free with a subscription.

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3. “Shivers”

Many laud this film as David Cronenberg’s first foray into “body horror.” It’s one of his best scary movies. It follows the unlucky residents of high-rise apartments. One by one, each person starts to become ill with a strange, sexually transmitted disease. Streaming for free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

4. “The Woman in Black”

This top-notch ghost story follows a sad widower as he visits an abandoned haunted estate. All he wants to do is get some papers in order, but the ghost that haunts the house (and the village’s children) has other plans. Streaming for free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

On Hulu

5. “American Psycho”

Patrick Bateman just wants to fit in. Thing is, he is having a heck of a time being just “one of the guys” because of his penchant for murder.

6. “Eraserhead”

This is David Lynch’s masterpiece, in my opinion. This black and white film follows a man as he tries to traverse the often weird, disgusting, and horrific aspects of fatherhood.

On Vudu

7. “Trick ‘r Treat

This modern classic is a spin on the vignette movies of yesteryear (think “Creepshow”). It follows three main story lines that are equally gross, humorous, and disturbing. Rent for as low as $2.99.

8. “Friday the 13th”

This classic really doesn’t need an introduction. “Friday the 13th,” the first in the slasher series, follows the various demises of Camp Crystal Lake attendees. An awesome soundtrack and blood-soaked clothes await. Rent for as low as $2.99.

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