8 Sure Ways to Hibernate in Style For You and Your Space

Hibernate in style like a boss.

Get cozy and hibernate like a boss.

As you read this, the latest snowstorm is probably bearing down on most of the continental United States right now. While some states have had a milder winter (umm, Hawaii), most of us have been freezing since late October. That means it’s time to make like Yogi and Boo Boo and get into some serious hibernating.

While humans cannot literally hibernate, that doesn’t mean we can’t make our best attempt at figuratively hibernating the winter away. As a longtime hibernating expert, I know there are some must-haves for hibernating in style like a boss. So, whether you are rolling into your space after a long day at work or rolling out of bed on the weekend, check out these finds for hibernating just like a pro.

Hibernate in Style

Hibernate in style like a boss.

Warm Slippers Socks

Image: Anthropologie

Slipper socks are a stylish must-have for any hibernating enthusiast. Preferably knee length ones that will fit over your other pair of socks!

Hibernate in style like a boss.

Warm Throw

Image: West Elm

Pick your poison when it comes to what kind of throw you want to hibernate under this winter. Do you prefer a flannel, knit or wool version? It’s all about what makes you feel the coziest.

Hibernate in style like a boss.

Wine in a Box

Image: Bota Box

Wine is also very nice when setting in for a good hibernating. And boxed wines make an eco-friendlier choice–not to mention most boxes tend to hold more than one bottle’s worth of vino. Bota Box makes a pretty good boxed wine.

Hibernate in style like a boss.


Image: Anthropologie  

One can never have too many scarves. They really do help you keep that cold at bay whether you are inside or out.

Hibernate in style like a boss.

Knitting/Crochet Project

Image: Close-up of Knitting via Shutterstock

There’s nothing much better than sitting down on a cold winter’s evening to a cozy crochet or knit project. Get inspired by one of these quick knitting and crochet projects.

Hibernate in style like a boss.


Image: Lulu & Georgia

And while you are working on that knitting or crochet project, you’ll want to put your feet up on an ottoman, of course. This one even comes with a handy storage compartment.
Hibernate in style like a boss.

Tea Set

Image: PureModern

And who doesn’t want a cup of tea while hibernating? Someone who doesn’t like getting warmed up from the inside out, that’s who. This Sencha tea maker and warmer set is just what you *need*.

Hibernate in style like a boss.

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Image: Loftlines

One tip for hibernating like a pro is to use a hot water bottle to warm up your sheets or to keep your tootsies warm while chilling with some Netflix. Of course, you’ll want to cover that hot water bottle for some added warmth and coziness.

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