8 Tips on How to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

little black dress

How to accessorize your little black dress for any occasion.

You can’t own a little black dress without searching for a training manual on how to accessorize it. After all, it’s the most versatile piece in your wardrobe – each time you wear it, you can make it look new again, all by swapping your accessories.

Here’s how to accessorize your LBD 8 different ways and maximize its potential:

1. Think in opposites

The more complicated the design of your dress, the simpler your accessories should be – and vice versa. You don’t want to look too blah or too busy.

2. Pump up the volume

On your hair, that is. If you’re not big on jewelry, let your tresses be the accessory. Go with big waves a la JLo for a night out with the girls, or a stunning beehive a la Adele for a work-related cocktail party.

3. Add a pair of tights

If you’re going to a more casual shindig, you can dress down your LBD with a pair of creative tights, such as polka dots or plaid.

4. Party on with power prints

Pair your little black dress with a patterned clutch that has as much personality as you do, such as a chevron pattern in a striking shade.

5. Make a statement

Statement necklaces are a foolproof way to kick your LBD up a notch (or seven). I mean, who ever got anywhere in life being subtle? A dramatic necklace will transform your outfit into a showstopper.

6. Swing from the chandelier

Okay not really, but if you’re going for a lux, sophisticated look, a jaw-dropping pair of chandelier earrings will do the trick and then some. In fact, it’s not likely you’ll need to accessorize any further.

7. Edge it up

Edge up an ultra-feminine dress with futuristic-looking accessories, such as an intense bib necklace or a geometric cuff.

8. Go bold

If you’re going to pair a color with your LBD, make it a high-voltage one, like fuchsia or emerald. And whether that color’s added in the form of sky high heels or a unique clutch is totally up to you.

What are your favorite tips on how to accessorize a little black dress?

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