9 Easy Ways to Score Perky Boobs (Sans Surgery)

9 Easy Ways to Score Perky Boobs (Sans Surgery)

How to fake perky boobs till you make it.

Gravity isn’t exactly kind to us, especially in the boobs department. One minute they’re firm and perky, the next they’re keeping our feet warm. Life can take its toll on our bust in a big way, which is why it’s important to arm yourself with techniques to make it seem otherwise:

1. Practice proper posture

Standing up straight makes your boobs appear firmer and perkier. Get into the habit of practicing proper posture: It does a body good.

2. Manhandle the girls

Guys adjust their junk all the time, so it’s only fair. If rearranging the girls is what it takes to make them look fabulous, then before your big date DIY it up.

3. Work it out

Master exercise moves for perkier boobs.

4. Brush on some bronzer

If it weren’t for this trick, no one would be able to tell I even have boobs: Brush a touch of bronzer onto the upper-boob area and in your cleavage to give the girls some depth. It brings whole new meaning to the term “special effects.”

5. Sleep on your back

When you sleep on your stomach and your side, you run the risk of developing premature chest wrinkles (ick). If you’re like me and sleeping on your back feels like the most uncomfortable sleep position ever (since you know, it is), buy your bust some time with an anti-aging moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and silky smooth.

6. Wear a supportive bra

As much as we love letting our BFFs loose, make sure it’s not when you’re going for a run or working out. Wearing a snug, supportive sports bra is crucial to preventing your boobs from sagging, as the bounce puts strain on our skin and ligaments.

7. Get professionally fitted

Many of us wear the wrong size bra and don’t even know it – or know it, but are all “whatever” about it. Getting professionally fitted so you know your bra size and what cuts are best for you will be the difference between perky boobs and sad sacks.

8. Wear more sweetheart necklines

Tops with this kind of neckline create the illusion of fuller, perky boobs. (Sign. Me. Up.)

9. Wear matching bras and undies

There’s just something about wearing a set of hot lingerie that makes you strut around like you’re stomping the catwalk. Saggy boobs or not, confidence is half the battle. Wear bras and undies that make you feel your best, and gravity won’t have anything on you.

What do you do to score perky boobs?

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