9 Homemade Cocktail Mixers Worthy of all Your Summer Drink Recipes


Explore these homemade cocktail mixers for drink recipes that are perfect for summer celebrating.

If you’re planning to spend July 4th with a celebratory cocktail in your hand, forget going to the store to buy some cheap, sugary cranberry juice. No, for a good party you’re going to need something a little classier. Homemade cocktail mixers, perhaps? These nine homemade cocktail mixers and drink recipes will all add a little pep to your Fourth of July celebrating–or any other summertime fun you have planned.

1. Make: Ginger Ale

Drink: Ginger Ale with Bourbon

What’s more American than a good bourbon? Bourbon with ginger ale. But you don’t need to buy ginger ale to get the fizzy drink with a kick. Invest in some fresh ginger and make your ginger ale yourself. Then get a good bottle of bourbon and mix away.

2. Make: Lemon verbena infused vodka

Drink: Lemon Verbena Drop

Have some lemon verbena on hand? Use it to infuse vodka and make a new spin on a lemon drop; you’ll feel like you’re drinking summer in a glass.

3. Make: Mint simple syrup

The Shortcut Mojito

This one’s called a “shortcut” mojito, because you make a mint infused syrup first, allowing you to skip the muddling part. Perfect if you’re hosting a party and many mojitos need to be made.

4. Make: Sour mix

Drink: Whiskey Sour

Using lemons and limes you can make your own sour mix, then just add whiskey and you’ve got yourself a super simple whiskey sour.

5. Make: Jalapeño infused tequila

Drink: Spicy margaritas

Of all the drink recipes, none of them say “summer” as much as the margarita, and to step things up a notch, make your own jalapeño infused tequila for a spicy version.

6. Make: Hibiscus-lime syrup

Drink: Hibiscus-Tequila Cooler

While we’re on the subject of tequila, let’s move on to a drink that’s just a little more exotic. The Hibiscus-Tequila Cooler is made with a simple syrup concocted with limes and dried hibiscus flours. The result is a red drink that’s sure to please a crowd.

7. Make: Rhubarb shrub

Drink: Spiced rhubarb gimlet

With coriander seeds and pink peppercorn, you get a punchy rhubarb shrub. Then all you need to do is add a little gin and bitters (you can make those yourself too!) and you have yourself a gimlet.

8. Make: Apricot puree

Drink: Apricot bellini

At some point during Fourth of July weekend you’re probably going to end up brunching, and when you do, you’ll want a festive drink. Grab some apricots, make a puree, add a little sparkling wine and you have yourself a tasty bellini.

9. Make: Blackberry syrup

Drink: Blackberry spritzer

Blackberries can easily be turned into a syrup, and once you have that, your options for drink recipes are endless. Make up a batch of blackberry spritzer perhaps?

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