9 of the Best Sweater Repurposing Ideas Just in Time for Fall

Repurposing ideas for sweaters.

Turn those sweaters you’ve been meaning to drop off at the fabric recycling bin into functional and fashionable items using these repurposing ideas.

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling when something happens to make our most comfiest of sweaters unwearable. Whether its a hole developing in a super noticeable spot (I am not above mending a hole in the armpit) or whether its a stain that didn’t come out from that super stain-y yellow curry (true story), the fact of the matter is that stuff happens. Comfy sweaters are unfortunately an ephemeral  phenomenon, and every good thing must come to an end. Don’t despair though, your sweater can live on. All it takes is a little inspiration, creativity and some clever repurposing ideas to transform your favorite sweater into a useful upcycled diy project.

From hot water bottle covers to arm warmers and everything else in between, here some ingenious repurposing ideas for reusing your favorite (or not so favorite) sweaters.

9 Repurposing Ideas for Old Sweaters

  1. Sweater Patchwork Blanket – Cuddle up under a super warm and cozy blanket you make from repurposed sweaters. Collect sweaters from the thrift store or ask family and friends for contributions.
  2. Hot Water Bottle Cover – Whether you hurt your back or need to warm up the bed sheets, a hot water bottle is a useful thing. Add a cover using made from and old sweater to make it more presentable.
  3. Cool Bangle Bag – Turn a frumpy sweater into a chic bag using this easy project.
  4. DIY Sweater Pillows – Who doesn’t need a few more cozy pillows on the sofa? Make some up from those older sweaters.
  5. Sweater Mittens – You won’t have to mourn the loss of your favorite sweater, instead you can turn them into your favorite mittens.
  6. Boot Cuffs – Boot cuffs are a great way to add some texture and color without adding bulk by actually wearing bulky socks.
  7. Asymmetrical Sweater Wrap – Turning a sweater into a fashionable wrap is a super clever repurposing idea.
  8. Arm Warmers – Turn sweater arms into practical arm warmers.
  9. Lampshade Redo – Add some texture and color to a boring lampshade with this project idea.

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