9 Out of this World Astrology and Astronomy Decor Ideas for Your Home

Astrology and astronomy ideas for your home.

Wish upon a star with these astrology and astronomy home decor ideas.

Are you a stargazer? Do you have your head in the clouds? Do you follow your horoscope and take stock in the zodiac? Are you always looking towards the heavens and wondering what is out there? Whether your interest is in the science of astronomy or the pseudoscience of astrology, your taste is simply out of this world. Why not add some astrology and astronomy star-gazing themed decor to your home base?

While they often appeal to completely different types of people, the one thing that practitioners of astrology and astronomy have in common is a love of the stars. Bring that admiration home with these clever ideas to make your home seem more like the space station than a three-floor walk-up or a suburban ranch. The planets will align just right with just these simple touches and DIY tutorials.

Astrology and Astronomy Home Decor Ideas

  1. DIY Constellation Light Wall Art – Choose to show off your favorite constellation in the night sky with this simple wall art project that utilizes black foam board and battery-operated LED lights.
  2. Love Under the Stars Duvet Cover – Lounge in bed and under the stars at the same time with magical duvet cover featuring the moon and stars.
  3. Astronomical Accent Star – Use this tutorial to make your own twinkling star to hang on the wall or from the ceiling as a mobile.
  4. Simple DIY Wall Constellations – It doesn’t get any simpler than this tutorial that uses thread and star-shaped stickers to create the effect of constellations on your walls.
  5. Zodiac Embroidery KitsWhat’s your sign? Show it off with these Zodiac DIY embroidery kits. Choose to showcase your own sign, or complete all the kits for a wall of Zodiac embroidery.
  6. DIY Hubble Space Telescope Art Prints – Apparently, the Hubble Telescope images are public domain and that means you can take high-resolution images from the HubbleSite and use them to make art prints for your walls.
  7. Constellations Coasters – Show off your knowledge of the constellations with these constellation coasters.
  8. DIY Moon Phases Mobile – Make a decorative mobile to celebrate the phases of the moon with this DIY tutorial.
  9. Starry Night Lampshade – It’s simple to create your own starry night indoors simply by poking holes in a black or dark-colored lampshade.

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