9 Simple DIY Wine Rack Projects You Can Make Yourself

DIY Wine Rack

Super clever and simple do-it-yourself ideas for making a wine rack.

Are you a wine aficionado or want to make your friends think that you are a wine aficionado?

Step one is to stop drinking wine from a box. Step two is to get a wine rack, or better yet make your own wine rack. Step three is to learn all about wine, but that really is the business of another post. This post is all about creative ways that you can make your own wine storage racks.

Want to stock up on wine like a boss? Then DIY your own wine storage rack and keep all your favorites on hand.

9 Ideas for Making Your Own DIY Wine Rack

  1. Old Dock Wine Station and Storage – Wood boards from an old dock are given a second life in this project for updating an ugly bar station.
  2. Hanging DIY Wine Rack – While this projects involves using a drill, it’s still a pretty simple project for building a wine rack from wood boards.
  3. Chalkboard Wine Rack – This multipurpose project, which is made from PVC pipe and wall board, is super clever. Not only could you use this for wine storage, but you’d also have a functional chalkboard too.
  4. Repurposed Bookshelf – Turn a boring bookcase into useful wine storage and beverage station with this simple project how-to.
  5. Tree Branch Wine Storage – Use a sturdy tree branch to create a stunning storage and display like the one featured in this house tour.
  6. Pallet DIY Wine Rack – Pallets are useful for all sorts of repurposing projects, including wine storage solutions.
  7. Wine Rack Milk Crate – Repurpose a vintage wire milk crate as a wine storage. It just doesn’t get much easier than that.
  8. Ladder Wine Storage – This project, originally intended for towels, could be used to store wine bottles instead.
  9. DIY WIne Riddling Rack – Riddling racks used to be utilized in the production of sparkling wines. You can make your own hanging version for wine storage from repurposed fence posts.

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