9 Super Easy Alternative DIY Tree Ideas for a Tree-Free Holiday

DIY tree ideas this holiday season.

Get into the holiday spirit and use your super-crafty abilities with these simple DIY tree ideas that are so easy they are almost like magic! 

For those of us with tree allergies (or just an aversion to pine needles everywhere), the idea of bringing a tree into the home at the holidays can be a nightmare. While the tradition may seem quaint to some, to others the practice is pretty close to torturous, requiring the use of allergy medication and eye drops. That’s not to mention the potential disaster when pets and small children are added into the mix.

And lest you think that getting one of those artificial trees is a good idea, think again. Not only does an artificial tree take the joy out of the season (in my opinion), but most are also made from a smorgasbord of petrochemicals, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). Just what you need, a fake tree off-gassing in your home?! Not!

Consider making a DIY tree alternative. And while you are getting crafty, why not make homemade ornaments as well?

Here are some easy DIY tree ideas to give you some inspiration to create your own DIY tree this season.

DIY Tree Ideas

1. Blackboard Tree – One of the simplest ways to be tree-free this year is to go 2D by decorating a blackboard wall with a hand chalked tree.

2. Pallet Tree – Turn a pallet into a kitschy repurposed tree. Simply, cut, paint and arrange the slats in an inverted “V” shape for a reusable tree.

3. Tomato Cage Tree – Another easy DIY tree idea is to wrap tomato cages (used for holding up tomato plants) with strands of lights for some illuminated Christmas spirit.

4. Hanging Branches Wall Hanging – Get super crafty by tying salvaged wood twigs and branches together with twine and to create a wall hanging. Bonus points for making and hanging homemade decorations from your creation.

5. Wrapped Packages – Stack wrapped brown-paper-packages in a tree shape for a super easy and pet-friendly tree alternative this season. This is one tree you might not mind the cats playing on!

6. Plywood Tree – If you have some tools, and some skills to use them, use a saw to cut out a tree shape from a piece of plywood. Leave it bare for rustic charm, or cover it with felt, linen, or some other festive fabric and decorate it with Christmas cards.

7. Cardboard Tree – Use this PDF template to reuse cardboard destined for the recycle bin into a repurposed tree this season. The decorating possibilities are endless.

8. Vintage Cookie Tin Tree – Have a collection of vintage cookie tins? Stack them up from largest to smallest for some vintage Christmas charm.

9. DIY Wall Decal Tree – Turn painters’ tape or electrical tape into a geometric wall decal tree using this simple tutorial. Easy. Peasy. Christmas. Done.

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