9 Surprising Causes of Acne You May Be Overlooking

9 Surprising Causes of Acne You May Be Overlooking

We know the most common causes of acne: hormones, the wrong skincare, bad diet. But as with many skin issues, acne is complex and varies from person to person. Find out other surprising things that could be linked to your breakouts.

Think you thought of everything that could be the cause of your acne?

9 Surprising Causes of Acne

1. We all know sleeping with makeup on is a beauty no-no. Just one night won’t hurt anything, right? If you consider the makeup left on your pillowcase, it is definitely more than a one night makeup stand. Too lazy, tired, or tipsy to do a thorough removal? Keep cleansing wipes on hand for quick and easy cleaning, RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes.

2. Going fat-free can not only be bad for your digestive system, it can cause breakouts, too. Getting your essential fatty acids helps skin to stay lubricated and supple. And we all know flaky, dried-out skin can lead to clogged pores and zits. So eat your avocados and ghee, please.

3. Taking a piping hot soak seems luxurious. But overdoing it can lead to dry skin and pimples. Keep your super hot showers and baths to a once in a while treat, and get out before skin turns red or begins to itch.

4. Women who battle breakouts often experiment with a variety of products. While it is a good idea to switch out products seasonally as needed and stay on top of new skin issues, product overload can throw your skin into a state of confusion. Skin that is exposed to too many different products may attempt to balance things out by producing more oil, which then (you know it!) leads to further breakouts. Mario Badescu has a great skin analysis tool. Even if you don’t purchase the products, it can show you which types of products would benefit your skin.

5. Do you take note of everything that touches your face? We all know it is important to keep our hands off of our skin. But what about your cell phone, sunglasses, or pillow case? Make sure anything that comes into contact with your face gets a regular cleaning.

6. While we are on the subject of stuff that touches your skin…are your hair care products making their way onto your face? Hair products that are spritzed and sprayed on can cause breakouts if they dry on your face, so make sure to cover your skin when applying or wipe off right away. And when showering, always wash your face after conditioning your hair.

7. Another hair/zit dilemma? If you are dealing with breakouts on forehead and sides of cheeks, it could be due to hair touching these areas. Pull hair back with headbands and hair ties on second day hair days if you think this could be an issue.

8. Too much of a good thing? Yep, that spot control product that has been saving your life could also be your skin’s enemy. Zit zappers work by soaking up excess oil. Overuse means skin dries out, becomes flaky, traps that oil, and gives you a big honking zit. Save the spot treatment for reducing the appearance of an existing blemish, not as a preventative.

9. Love enlisting the help of a good mantra for problem solving? Author and metaphysical teacher, Louise Hay, says the emo link to acne is not enough self-love, and offers these words for some spiritual skin healing: I love and accept myself where I am right now.

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