Face Mapping: What Your Acne and Wrinkles are Telling You

Face Mapping: What Your Acne and Wrinkles are Telling You

Do you feel in constant battle with acne or wrinkles? Always working to diminish their appearance or prevent them from recurring? You may be missing the message. Face mapping can tell you a lot about your inner health.

We sometimes forget that skin is more than just a pretty cover that we try to keep looking its best. The skin is an organ, the only one we can see when we look in the mirror, and tells us a lot about our inner health. We just have to slow down and notice the subtle cues.

Ayurveda has always been about reading facial cues to uncover health disturbances. No, not a smirk or grimace. More like those pimples or wrinkles we spend so much time fretting over.

Before you go about banishing imperfections, find out how your breakouts and lines correspond to physical and emotional health. Do you tend to get pimples on your forehead? Have more prominent lines around your eyes? Redness on the chin? These all point to imbalances you cannot so easily see.

Why even worry about it when we can simply make a doctor appointment for blood tests or scans? Paying attention to early signs can help to get your system back on track before real disease sets in. Ayurveda acknowledges six phases for disease to become established in the body. Taking note of issues and altering your lifestyle before they are a big deal can prevent worsening health in the future.

So, you are ready to take action now. How do you know what your zits and wrinkles are saying?

The three doshas correspond to different regions of the face – forehead = Vata, chin and jawline = Kapha, the middle = Pitta. First step, notice which dosha your issues are in. Imbalanced vata skin tends to see clogged pores, dry skin, and wrinkles. Pitta imbalance shows up as redness or inflammation. Kapha usually looks like cystic acne or excessive oiliness.

Balancing the dosha that seems to be troubled is the first step toward healthier skin and system. But face mapping goes much deeper than this. Each region has specific spots that connect to internal organs and emotional states.

Face Mapping Basics

Above Brows: Blemishes above the brows relate to gallbladder and liver, suggesting the system needs a detox. Wrinkles on the forehead are called worry lines but can also tell of a diet too high in unhealthy fats and sugar. A diet void of processed foods and destressing with meditation will help these issues.

Between Brows: Blemishes between the brows signifies insufficient sleep or a diet too high in unhealthy fats. Creases in this area are connected to liver (right side) and spleen (left side). It may also mean repressed anger.

Dark Undereye Circles: Racoon eyes relate to poor circulation, while puffiness can mean impaired kidney function. Be sure you are getting enough water, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. Crow’s feet come from squinting and smiling, plain and simple. Wear sunglasses when outdoors to protect this delicate area. It is also important to note that dark circles can coincide with allergies, either seasonal or food related.

Nose: Connected to the lungs and heart, breakouts and redness in this area may mean internal inflammation. A diet rich in essential fatty acids and keeping caffeine and spicy foods to a minimum should help. Vitamin B can help to prevent breakouts and it may be a good idea to have your blood pressure checked if you experience pimples or broken blood vessels of the nose regularly.

Cheeks: Breakouts and irritation here could mean liver (left cheek) or lung (right cheek) issues. Chinese medicine suggests too much sugar is related to right cheek issues, while spicy foods and being overworked correspond to the left cheek. Problems on either side may also mean slow metabolism. Of course, we can’t forget that cheeks come into contact with grease and dirt from our hands, phones, and pillow cases too. Remember how Mom always told you to keep your hands off your face? Mom really does know best. Keeping this area clean will help to prevent blemishes.

Mouth: Blemishes around the mouth and on chin are usually related to hormones. Overly processed foods and lots of sugar can also cause zits here. Organs linked to this area are intestines and colon. If this seems to be your problem area, cut back on the junk and sweets in favor of a healthy, whole food diet rich in fiber. And, of course, reduced stress is beneficial too. Deep lines on the sides of the mouth can mean reproductive or pancreatic issues. Problems in this region can also be related to a closed mind or outdated opinions.

This is a lot to take in and you certainly should not try to diagnose any serious health issues yourself. If you are having persistent breakouts or are wondering why you have wrinkles one place and not another, these tips can set you in the right direction.

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