The 8 Phases of Shopping for Green Beauty Products that Wreak Havoc on Your Emotions

Emotional Support for Shopping Green Beauty Products

Tired of getting all excited to shop for green beauty products only to be struck down by the emotional rollercoaster it sends you on? Here’s some support for eco beauty buying upheaval.

You know green beauty products are better for your skin and health. You are familiar with the list of nasty cosmetic ingredients. You’ve even accrued a nice little stockpile of clean cosmetics.

Now you need a product that tackles acne. Or keratosis pilaris. Or rosacea. Or maybe just want to try something new.

You think you are prepared and … there it is again. The familiar bewilderment of shopping nontoxic products. Is this product really natural? Does this skincare truly do what it says it will? What the #%*@ is Capric Triglyceride?

Hey, it happens to all of us at some point in our beauty-searching travails. Here are the most common emotional phases of shopping for green beauty products and support for weaker moments.

Emotional Phases of Shopping Green Beauty Products and Tips to Get You Through Them

1. “There are tons of natural beauty products on the market these days. This is gonna be a cinch!”

The past decade has seen the number of natural beauty brands skyrocket. This means more good stuff to choose from. It also means more greenwashers to wade through. Remember: Do not take the safety of a product at face value.

2. “But it says natural/safe/organic right on the label.”

Beauty brands can put almost anything they want on the front label. Even a product labeled “Organic” can include some synthetic ingredients. There is only one way to be sure of what is in a product. Turn it around and read the ingredient listing. No clear ingredient listing? Pop that baby back on the shelf and move on.

3. “Glyceryl Stear-huh? If I can’t pronounce it, it has to be toxic.”

Not so fast, partner. It is often said that you shouldn’t eat or wear any ingredients you can’t pronounce. Not so true. There are safe ingredients that only sound toxic. Here are six safe ingredients with toxic sounding names commonly found in clean beauty products.

4. “Welp, no parabens. We’re good to go.”

Yes, parabens are on the list of cosmetic ingredients to be avoided. These synthetic preservatives are well known and have garnered a lot of media attention. But they are not the only widely used toxic ingredients, or even the most toxic, in beauty products. A truly clean beauty product has more to offer than simply being paraben free.

5. “That big name beauty brand just went natural? Cool!”

Most likely, they did no such thing. It takes a big chunk of money, time, and effort to reformulate toxic products. If a mainstream brand did this it would definitely want recognition for the hard work. If it’s only offering a commercial or labeling with the term “natural” on it? Not so much.

6. “But my favorite green celebrity uses it.”

Again, marketing. What are this celeb’s standards when it comes to nontoxic beauty products? Do they steer clear of the most serious offenders or are they okay with sliding a synthetic in here and there? Do your own leg work.

7. “Green beauty products? Way too expensive.”

As with conventional beauty products, some are pricey. But there are several affordable natural beauty products out there, too. Or purchase samples to try before you buy.

8. And finally… “Oh no, I ran out! I’m just gonna pick something up at Target for now.”

Online is still the best place to shop for organic beauty products, as far as selection goes. But guess what? Good ol’ Target has been adding to its list of safe products, making it easier to get your green beauty shop on.

Any problem has a solution. Now you are armed with support in dealing with those inevitable shopping pitfalls.

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