9 Unusual Subscription Boxes for Men (Win Father’s Day!)

Ideas for Father's Day subscription boxes.

Don’t give Dad another tacky tie this Father’s Day. Instead gift him with with one of these cool subscription boxes for men. Yeah, they like surprises on the reg, too. 

Sometimes it seems all too easy to fall into those old Father’s Day gift-giving tropes–the tie, the golf-themed tchotchkes, a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug. While your dad may appreciate the thought, we are pretty sure that stuff just ends up in a landfill somewhere. Why not gift your dad something cool that he will actually use this year instead? And what’s with all the subscription boxes aimed at us ladies? Guys dig ’em too, even if they play it cool.

Of course, the trick is to get your dad a subscription box that he will actually use–for goodness sake, don’t get him a bad tie subscription!

We have selected some of our favorite subscription boxes that just might be perfect for gifting your dad this Father’s Day. These boxes just might also be perfect for your mom’s birthday, holiday gift-giving, for a housewarming gift, and more.

9 Subscription Boxes for Men

  1. Dollar Shave Club – Unless your dad has a full-on beard give him the gift of quality replacement razors. The Dollar Shave Club is super affordable and offers replacement razors that are suitable for men and women shavers.
  2. Craft Beer Club – This club is perfect for the microbrew enthusiast dad. At just $39 a month, it will get your dad 12 independently-brewed beers delivered each month.
  3. Bos Creek – Bos Creek offers monthly subscription boxes full of meat from grass-fed pasture-raised animals. There are beef, mixed meat, and custom boxes available.
  4. Mantry – While the name may be kind of questionable, the service is not. The Mantry box delivers six curated food products around a theme from artisan makers every two months. Past box themes include Pizza Party, Bourbon BBQ, and Tailgate Tour.
  5. Bitters and Bottles – The Bitters and Bottles Home Bar subscription includes 4-6 full-size quality ingredients delivered monthly.  Each box provides curated spirits for craft cocktails that aren’t too basic, but nothing too fancy either.
  6. Nerd Block – Nerd Block is a toy collection subscription box. Every month their expert nerds select outstanding gear, toys and collectibles to curate the nerdiest of toy collectible boxes.
  7. Loot Crate – In the same vein as Nerd Block, but with more gear, Loot Crate delivers the best in geek and gaming gear. From collectibles, apparel, tech gadgets, art, and other epic gear, Loot Crate claims to be like Comic-Con in a box.
  8. Naturebox  – Help your dad snack healthier and tastier by gifting him a Naturebox subscription. Who wouldn’t love snacks delivered to their door each month?
  9. KinderBox – KinderBox claims to be a monthly subscription box service for men. While we would argue that many women would like the boxes too, we do like the mix of everyday outdoorsy adventure gear and grooming products offered and think it would be a great gift for many dads.

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