9 Ways to Stretch Your Natural Makeup So it Lasts Longer

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Fact: Beauty products are expensive. Here’s how to make your natural makeup last just a teensy bit longer.

Considering the cash we shell out on beauty products, there’s nothing worse than having to let go of a product because it’s giving us attitude. Whether you’re saying goodbye to a razor after two shaves because it’s gone rusty or tossing your blush because it’s turned into play-doh, learning how to make your natural makeup last longer (or at least, until your next trek to Makeup ‘R Us) is key.

Here are 9 ways to stretch your natural makeup without sacrificing results:

1. Practice portion control
A little goes a long way: You only need a quarter-sized dollop of shampoo and a nickle-sized of conditioner. When it comes to your body wash, you don’t have to suds up every inch of your bod – concentrate more on the areas that get sweaty or trap odors, as too much soap can lead to dry skin. Near the tail end of a bottle, just add a little bit of water so the rest comes out easily.

2. Purchase pump/squeeze bottles instead of jars
When you can help it, purchase your natural makeup in pump or squeeze bottles instead of jars. The air that hits the surface of your creams and lotions can make them go bad faster, and this can be alleviated in your choice of packaging. That being said, trying to get the last remnants of lotion out of a tube can be a little… well, annoying. Invest in a paint tube wringer and leave nothing behind.

3. Just add oil
If your cream eye shadow, blush or concealer are starting to cake up (and they haven’t expired yet), warm up a couple of drops of coconut oil and mix it in to bring your natural makeup back to its former glory.

4. Bring on the pliers
If your favorite makeup brush is starting to go bald, simply use a pair of pliers to secure the metal part and keep those bristles from slipping away.

5. Dry your razor after use
After you’ve used your razor, shake it dry and soak it in oil. The oil will prevent the minerals in your water from hanging out on your blade and keep it from rusting.

6. Keep them cool
To keep your lip and eyeliners moist and firm, store them in your fridge between uses.

7. Choose hard-working natural makeup
You multitask a good 23 hours a day, so why shouldn’t your natural makeup?

  • Let your lipstick pull double-duty by using it as a cream blush.
  • Use your plain lip balm to tame unruly eyebrows.
  • Use a smidge of hand cream to tame frizzy hair when you’re oot and aboot.
  • Use eye shadow instead of an eyebrow pencil for a more natural look.
  • Use eye shadow as eyeliner when black’s feeling a little blasé.

8. Invest in empty containers/pallets
Most makeup companies sell empty pallets that are just waiting to be filled. These really come in handy when you’re crunched for cash and your lipstick tube’s running on empty. Using the tip of a cotton swab (sans cotton), scrape the remaining lipstick into a pallet and use a lipstick brush to apply. When it comes to your lotions and creams, transfer what’s left into small, clean jars to give you more bang for your buck.

9. Transform old makeup into new
Turn leftover powdered blush into a chic lip gloss by mixing it with cocoa or shea butter. The same goes for powdered eye shadows: By turning them into crème eye shadows, not only will the colors look bolder and richer, but it’ll feel like brand new natural makeup (you know, without the hefty price tag).

How do you make your natural makeup last?

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