11 Playful Ways to Rock Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup will never go out of style, and here’s proof.

What woman doesn’t love a good cat eye? That being said, you don’t want to do the same ol’ thing every day and find yourself turning against your favorite look. Lucky for you, there are tons of ways to freshen up your cat eye makeup – for day and night, work and play, here are 11 different renditions you’ll love:

Upside down cat eye
Image: The Beauty Department

1. Turn it upside down

The easiest way to mix it up? Flip your cat eye makeup upside down to accentuate your lower lashes in a super sultry way. Get the tutorial here.

Layered cat eye makeup
Image: Hair&Salons

2. Layer it

We layer our clothes, our nail polish and our eye shadow – so why not our eyeliner? Match the upper layer to your outfit to really make a statement.

Kitten eye closeup
Image: Tumblr

3. Kitten it up

Okay, so a cat eye at work would be a little… much. If you want to jazz up your day look, look no further than a kitten eye. It might seem subtle on the surface, but pair with your fave work attire and it packs a serious punch. Get the tutorial here.

Glitter cat eye makeup
Image: babble

4. Just add glitter

What I love about cat eye makeup is how much simpler it is than a smokey eye – and it requires way fewer products. Perfect if you want to go out on the town but don’t want to spend half the night checking on your face. Give your eyes an extra sparkle with this glittery cat eye makeup tutorial.

Graphic cat eye makeup
Image: Beauty Editor

5. Exaggerate it

If you’re wearing a darker outfit that’s a little on the simple side, why not go graphic with your cat eye makeup? Get the tutorial here.

Hollow cat eye makeup
Image: xovain

6. Go hollow

This cat eye makeup looks amazing from all angles. Best of all, it’s a complete look sans eye shadow. Get the tutorial here.

Double cat eye makeup
Image: Refinery29

7. Double up

Feeling bold? Do a cat eye on top and a reverse cat eye on the bottom. (Why should your top lashes get all the attention?) The trick is to leave a space between your two lines to make your eyes pop.

Ombre cat eye makeup
Image: The Beauty Department

8. Did someone say ombre?

For a fun and flirty look, choose three different liners from the same color family for an ombre effect. Get the tutorial here.

Colorful cat eye makeup
Image: Free People

9. Add a pop of color

Create your cat eye, then add a splash of color under the eye for a bold wow factor. Get the tutorial here.

Reverse cat eye makeup
Image: Refinery29

10. Reverse it

I can’t wait to give this cat eye makeup look a try: This look is very geometric and has the same impact as a cat eye without actually lining your eyes. Bazinga!

Framed cat eye makeup
Image: Makeup.com

11. Frame it

This sophisticated look is a definite show-stopper – and here’s how to pull it off.

What’s your favorite way to wear cat eye makeup?

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