51 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Genius fashion tips you should never be without. Like, ever.

The world of fashion is amazing, but can be very overwhelming – especially when fashion mishaps happen, like water stains on your fave boots or your attempt at layering making you look like Joey Tribbiani (“Could I be wearing any more clothes?”). To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of fashion tips and tricks to make you feel more fashionable – and less frazzled.

Here are 51 fashion tips that will leave you armed and fabulous:

1. Want longer-looking legs? Wear shoes with a pointed tip.

2. To prevent runs in your tights, spray them with hairspray.

3. Few things are worse than dropping an earring back. Put a stocking over your vacuum cleaner’s hose to find it in a snap.

4. Dry hand-washed clothing using a salad spinner.

5. Because jeans always shrink in length when they’re washed, make sure you wash them twice before getting them hemmed.

6. To look uber-chic while still showing some skin, wear shorts or a miniskirt and cover up on top. If you’re wearing a skimpy top, opt for full coverage on the bottom.

7. Naturally waterproof your canvas shoes with beeswax: Simply rub them with it and set using a blow-dryer.

8. Remove smells from vintage clothing by spritzing them with a mix of one part vodka and two parts water.

9. Choose necklaces based on the necklines you wear most often:

Fashion tips for necklines

Image: Polyvore

10. To remove those pesky yellow sweat stains from your white shirts, spray the affected areas with lemon juice before putting them in the washing machine.

11. Unless they’re cropped or tapered, your pants should just graze the tops of your shoes and be 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches off the floor.

12. Remove deodorant stains with baby wipes.

13. Use a hair straightener to iron your collar.

14. Shopping for a pencil skirt? It should just hit at the top of your knee – any lower and it’ll make your legs look shorter.

15. Make your hair look longer and fuller by using two ponytails on top of each other. Wrap a one-inch section of hair around both elastics and pin them in place.

16. Your every day bras should be replaced every three to six months, since this is around the time they lose their elasticity and support.

17. Avoid stretching the collars of your shirts by putting the hangers in from the bottom instead of the top.

18. Remove a red wine stain by gently blotting it with a white wine-soaked cloth.

19. Drying your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel is much gentler on your hair: It helps prevent hair shaft damage and potential frizziness.

20. Master the art of making any jeans look like skinny jeans:

Turn jeans into skinny jeans

Image: Listotic

21. Make your next closet detox a breeze: To see which clothes you never wear, turn all your hangers in the same direction. As you bust out clothes to wear, hang them back up with the hanger facing the other way. Afterward, get rid of the clothes that are still hanging the original way.

22. Break in your new kicks by putting them on with socks and blasting your feet with your hairdryer on the hot setting.

23. V-neck tops make your torso look longer.

24. To maintain the wash of your jeans, add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse cycle during your next wash.

25. Accidentally spritz yourself with too much perfume? Use an unscented, oil-based makeup remover to wipe off the excess.

26. Looking to switch things up in seconds? Swap your statement necklace for a scarf.

27. If you can fit two fingers under your bra band comfortably, then it fits. If you can’t, your bra’s probably too tight.

28. Paint clear nail polish on your silver jewelry so it doesn’t turn your skin green.

29. Give your t-shirts that vintage-soft feel by leaving them in salt water (4 cups of water and 1/2 cup of salt) for a few days, then wash as per usual.

30. Make your legs look longer by wearing nude pumps.

31. Use the tabs from pop cans to create a double-hanger:

Create a double-hanger

Image: Idea Bottle

32. Get scratches out of leather bags by rubbing moisturizer into the scratch using a Q-tip.

33. Keep your diamonds sparkling with liquid dishwashing soap and a toothbrush.

34. If your blush breaks in your purse, use pre-moistened makeup removing wipes to clean up the loose powder in no time.

35. When your bobby pins give you ‘tude, place them on a paper towel and spritz them with hairspray to make them stay put.

36. How to create the perfect top knot: Rake your fave texturizer through your whole hairline. Flip your hair upside down to get your ponytail as high as possible. Once gathered, flip upright and look at the ceiling (this makes the hair-smoothing process a lot easier). Once your ponytail is in place, wrap your hair around the base and secure with four or five large bobby pins.

37. Learn how to unshrink your clothes (yes, it’s a thing):

Unshrink your clothes

Get the DIY here.

Image: One Good Thing

38. For insta-variety, make sure your closet is stocked with the magic seven: A little black dress, a blazer, great-fitting jeans, a classic pump, a classic handbag, a leather jacket and a ballet flat.

39. To create a fuss-free cuffed sleeve, keep the top button of your shirt buttoned while you roll.

40. Oil stain in your purse? No need to fret! Just coat the mark with baby powder and let it sit overnight.

41. If you don’t feel like trying on a dress but want to see where the hem will hit, line up the shoulder seam to your shoulder bone, not your collarbone.

42. The easiest way to give your closet a facelift: Buy the same hangers for everything. Everything.

43. If your outfit’s feeling a little blasé, inject it with a bold color by matching your bag, coat and lips. Bam!

44. To clean dirt off suede, remove the crust from a piece of bread and let it go stale. Rub the dirt and stains with the edge of the stale bread and watch them disappear!

45. To get rid of water marks on your leather boots, add a few drops of vinegar to a bowl of cold water and scrub with a soft bristle brush. Let them dry overnight.

46. Say sayonara to mascara smudges for good: Hold a business card behind your lashes as you apply.

47. When layering, wear a form-fitting tank between your button-up shirt and sweater to keep your mid-secton from looking frumpy.

48. Coral is everything. It’s the color that complements all of us and is about as timeless as it gets. Always make sure you have a coral blush, lipstick, gloss and nail polish in your beauty arsenal.

49. Master the right way to fold your t-shirts:

How to fold a t-shirt

Image: Darkroom and Dearly

50. Always be prepared: When you’re shopping for something specific, such as a gorg dress for a first date dress or other special occasion, bring the shoes and wear the undergarments you want to wear with it.

51. To make sure your lashes are always clump-free, keep a small, clean mascara wand on hand to comb through your lashes just before they dry. Flaw. Less.

Which fashion tips do you swear by?

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