9 Nail Polish Colors that Go with Every Outfit

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No matter the outfit, these nail polish colors will finish off your look.

I love manicures that last for weeks at a time, but I don’t love it when they only go with two outfits in my closet. (One in particular made me feel like an ’80s goth rocker when I wore it with my work clothes. Womp, womp.) Since then, I’ve forged relationships with nail polish colors that are versatile, but you know, not clear.

Trendy nail polish colors will come and go, but there are certain shades you should always have in your arsenal. The roundup below is proof that you can enjoy ah-mazing manis and pedis without the harsh chemicals found in other nail polish brands.

Do yourself and the environment a favor, and try these nail polish colors on for size:

1. Brown
Brown is one of those nail polish colors I never expected to like, but as it turns out it’s super-sophisticated and versatile – and you know, reminds me of chocolate. It goes with any outfit no matter the occasion without overpowering your look.

Try: Kure Bazaar in Sofisticato

2. Grey
Grey is one of the best neutral nail polish colors around: It’s chic and effortless with a sophisticated edge. (I didn’t even get sick of it during the whole 50 Shades of Grey thing.)

Try: Scotch Naturals Smokey Martini

3. Silver
While silver’s in the grey family, it’s got more bling to it. It’s a color that has bite: It’ll take you from your work presentation to dinner and drinks with ease (where you’ll brag about how you rocked your work presentation).

Try: OCC in Spanglemaker

4. Vibrant Pink
As far as nail polish colors go, bright pink doesn’t go with anything, yet goes with everything. Go as vibrant as your mood will allow – it’s a great way to add a punch of color to any outfit. In fact, let your nails be your accessory.

Try: Piggy Paint in LOL

5. Mint
While it’s typically known as a spring color, I’ve been wearing mint all year long. It’s a super elegant way to switch things up when you’re bored of your usual neutrals and blush pinks.

Try: Mineral Fusion in Glint of Mint

6. Blue
What I love about blue nail polish colors is that it doesn’t matter what shade you choose – cobalt, sky, denim – they make your nails look luxe without being too in-your-face.

Try: Ginger + Liz in Chase Me

7. Gold
Gold nail polish colors are timeless: They’ll make your casual summer outfits look glam, while stepping up that chunky winter sweater from the ’90s you just can’t let go of. You’ll also enjoy your digits looking like little Oscar statues – or, that could just be me.

Try: Button London in The Full Monty

8. Black
Or rather, almost black. You’ve got to check out the RGB polish below: It’s a mix between gray, navy blue and olive green – and it’s everything.

Try: RGB Cosmetics in Fighter

9. White
If you’re tired of the usual nail polish colors, go rogue with white. It’s a sleek and surprisingly edgy shade that’ll give any outfit you’re wearing a polished look (no pun intended).

Try: Butter London Cotton Alabastar

Check out all of the cool colors here:

What are your go-to nail polish colors?

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