For the Green of It: Setting Squeamishness Aside


Blood: you might feel faint at the sight of it, but you’ve got to know how to keep it healthy and strong. Bear with me as I go through the details.

Highly oxygenated blood is absolutely essential for general health (there’s even a Nobel prize-winning theory linking cancer to low blood oxygen levels). The oxygen-binding element in our blood is hemoglobin, so more hemoglobin means better oxygenated blood.

Putting the raw science aside, let’s talk about how to increase hemoglobin. The answer is green!

Chlorophyll, which is what gives plants their greenness, is similar in structure to hemoglobin, so the very best foods for building hemoglobin are the darkest greens around: spirulina, chlorella and wheat grass. Not only are these deep green foods rich in chlorophyll, but they’re high in iron, as well, which is another essential to blood oxygenation and health.

These days it’s easy being green, and the greenest essence of plants can help us keep our reds their very richest.

Image: stacey.d