The Toilet Tax: a Charge for Every Flush


Some experts in drought-ridden Australia are pushing for a radical new toilet tax,  believing that a “pay for every flush” tax would encourage people to reduce their sewage output and ultimately their water usage.

Of course, it’s not aimed at only flushing toilets but at home water usage in general. The current method of home sewage and water charges, which is calculated on the basis of the home’s value, does nothing to encourage people to reduce their water and sewage usage. Charging them a “pay as you go” price, however, is bound to result in changes in their water habits.

People looking to penny pinch would suddenly start to consider how much water they are using. They might even start taking naval showers and reduce the frequency of washing dishes and laundry. But the idea of reducing the number of times they flush the toilet – that might take some getting used to.

Time will tell whether this idea will take off or get flushed away.

Image: powerbooktrance